Sex offerings to deity/demons

I have read that there used to be temples to demons where people would have sex to please the demon. Do you know of any deity or demon that would like masturbation and orgasms as offerings. Would they come and watch you do it for them?

@Agatha you’ve joined the forum over a year ago, but you first post was this June. Would you like to introduce yourself first…?

@DarkestKnight how you missed dat!? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Yes. I’ve had one quite popular fellow ask me to do this for him so he could have the energy. Actually, it was more of a command. Lol
But there was no participation…just my solitary gift.


Speaking of orgams :slight_smile:
One can use that! focussed inwards and command Hell and Heavens entirely as in {Bruce Almighty (2003)} :wink: ha ha ha ha ha

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I offer the demons services like tantra, massage, sexual favors, in the higher dimensions of course, I perform these offerings often and it’s totally interactive.