Secret life

hear is a story that I kept to my life that no one will no about me the only person that know what happened to me. She saw me acting really weird that I was going out of control, I was asleep which I don’t remember what happened that time so she once told me that I was moving around some weird positions on the bed.
this happened around 11pm close to 12am I started hitting my left arm to the night stand really hard that I had no control of it. Than she tried snapping out of it but it didn’t work, she told me my eyes turned blood shot red that she never seen before, I look at her dead serious at her with a creepy smile. She tried calling my name this what it said to her “This isn’t lala” with a different voice so she replied back asking “who is this” so the thing respond back again telling her “This is THEE KEEPER, this most powerful demon that I stand beside the devil himself”. She thinks im going out of my mind that im making this up but its really happening to her in real life.
so my friend wanted to know more about it she ask "what do you want from her’ so the keeper gave her the most creepiest smile an told that “Her body belong to me, Ive been inside of her since she was small”. she told me that I gently grabbed it neck without any force, she felt something pulled her back against the wall well I was sitting on top of her legs. She even told to “do it” but it didn’t he respond “No, your to easy to kill” whatever the keeper know my friend personal life which I have no clue what it is. So my friend asked “where is lala” the keeper respond “SHE IN HELL, THIS BODY BELONG TO ME” there more story but I just want you guys know that part

telling the truth that the keeper is still inside of me.

Did you use Google Translate - it messed up your post and it’s a bit hard to read.

Are you saying you’re possessed by an entity that calls itself The Keeper? And once night while you were sleeping it came to the front and had a conversation with your friend?

Sonds to me like a ghost haunting, they’re very easily picked up by kids and anyone with lowered defenses, like when you’re drunk, sick, etc.

What do you want to do about it?

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i can tell you this i actually how hell looks like and i communicate with a demon most likely i was listed that they have plans for me which i have no clue what is it?

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it wont

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i communicate with a demon

You didn’t say you talked TO it, only that it used your mouth to talk to your friend. Were you conscious of this conversation or were you blacked out so your friend had to tell you everything afterwards?

most likely i was listed that they have plans for me

Don’t think this entity is smart enough or strong enough to make plans - it’s been stuck silently in a human for decades.
All it said was, it’s living in your body and thinks that your body belongs to it. It wishes.

Fuck it’s plans, you’re in charge, what do YOU want to do?

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