I need a Little Help

Hello all ^-^ I am soo happy to meet you, Can you help me how do I differentiate the voice of the Spirit in my Head and my own voice because that is the only comunication I can make so far- and for the black scrying mirror do you look at the specks of the glass or inside gazing and blurring and how can I feel a spirit what is it like and also I can sense that my solar plexus chakra and my heart chakra are closed or in low spinning is that a problem in my magic and can an entity cause it and what purpose might it hold. I felt that I needed to reach you guys here you are such an awesome community.

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For me when I can get into a deep enough trance… it’s like a half awake half asleep state. Sort of like… lucid dreaming? Now in this state it’s very obvious of where these voices are originating from. To differentiate thought impressions and thoughts from your own without a dream state is this little trick… Now keep in mind it can take away from the immersion… When you are meditating and hear the words spaghetti, for example, track where that thought came from… Did you previously say “I’m hungry” and then heard spaghetti, then that’s most likely your own thought… Try to trace the sources :slight_smile:. Also don’t be afraid to ask the Spirit for help in discerning.


Thank you for Answering Lady Eva you are Awesome I read many of your Posts I Learned alot from you ^-^


It’s different type of voice. When you think in general you will notice the voice in your head sounds like you as if you were speaking. When a spirit speaks it sounds nothing like your head voice it sounds like a totally different being speaking. Even the gender, accents and pitch will change depending on which spirit and deities you are talking with.


The more you practice the better you become at noting the difference honestly ! It might just be something unique to you . Think of it as an experiment that requires lots of observations and trials before you form your hypothesis