Advice from King Paimon

What King Paimon said about dealing with conflicts:

A true warrior must know when not to fight.

[He has encouraged me to share this video of Bruce Lee that synchronicity brought to my attention again. Bruce Lee is someone I’ve always had respect for, but was never particularly interested in before King Paimon nudged me to look him up.]


reading this while being instructed to educate myself on frontal battle assault tactics right now


Been there, too. King Paimon and Lucifer have both told me that we have to know when and how to fight, but also when it’s wiser not to. It’s all an act of balance. :wink: But He got me interested in martial arts when that was pretty much the last thing on my mind, lol.

His warrior aspect is rarely (if ever) mentioned, but He knows a thing or two about battle.


Thanks. Very informative. I’m looking forward to getting to know King Paimon and learn from him.

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Very true! This thread is also one of my favourites :smiley:

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How interesting this got told when I am going through a warrior phase. :thinking:


speaks very truly


yes it is interesting indeed, :slight_smile:


Um. No, weakness is not always a choice. This is privilege speaking, and probably ableism, too.

This is also ableism. Some people are functionally incapable of loving themselves.

The rest is excellently said. :purple_heart:

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Weakness in the context used here means: giving in to a mindset of submission, not physical weakness or mental illness or economic strife that puts one in a position where oppression is experienced by others who exercise power in an abusive manner. The word “weakness” was used with this implication in mind, not from a position of ignorant privilege, and most certainly not implying ableism in any manner. I know how kind King Paimon is, and how great His empathy is with those who are oppressed or afflicted in any way, shape or form. I have also seen Him get angry at the way humans discriminate against and oppress one another.

This was also, in this context, meant to convey the refusal to submit to a mindset that many people seem to accept due to societal constructs, or other reasons that, ultimately, they do have the power to change.

He gave these messages to me, pertaining to my personal situation where the above mentioned contexts apply. I have shared what I thought could be generally useful, but this naturally means that not everyone can completely identify with everything that has been said here.

I’m glad you shared your perspective, and that you found the rest helpful.


Thank you for expanding on that. Being on the autism spectrum with a history of abuse, I encounter a lot of ableism and privilege. I realise that it was possibly not meant the way it came across to me (and I poked at him a bit for his word choice) but shared my thoughts in a response in case anyone else was having the same internal responses I was, without yet having developed the ability to stand up for themselves in such a fashion.

I enjoy reading about your and others experiences with nonphysical people. Paimon and I aren’t particularly close, but I like to think we have a friendly enough working relationship (I’m an Oracle). I view all the Goetics as family, some more extended than others :sweat_smile: and am generally affectionate to them all.


wow that was all really good advice!

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Something I felt I needed to share: it’s very much in line with this post, but something just popped into my mind out of nowhere, and King Paimon is giving me the green light to share the following:

Those who He is in a close relationship with (whatever the nature of the relationship may be), He will hold to very high standards. He will expect more from you because you’re working with Him, are married to Him, or in allegiance with Him somehow, and the same goes for Lucifer btw (which was confirmed by someone who is also very close to Him).

These words came from King Paimon:

Do not think you have any less responsibility as a student [or spouse] of mine; you have more. Do not engage in petty games. I do not encourage useless meanderings into the territory of foolish minds.


Nice to read this insight from King Paimon.
I did an invocation to King Paimon yesterday. I asked him some questions but I’m unable to listen to his response. I told King Paimon to give respond in such a way that I would understand his response.
Most of what is written here is certainly part of response to my questions.
Thanks @Lux_Tenebris, thank King Paimon for answering my question via this thread.
I copy and reread again. NAMASTE

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I’m consistently in awe of King Paimon. He has taught me a lot about myself. He was a tough teacher in my beginning, but I needed it. I respect him so much.
No matter what entities I work with, whenever I am in a state of fear or distress, my knee jerk reaction is to call to King Paimon. Always.
He gives me so much comfort and makes me feel safe.
Thank you for sharing.


I needed this!

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Thank you King Paimon!


Just read this whole thing. great work!!


Wow that’s brilliant…

This material is superb bravo!