Just Got My Copy of "Black Magick of Ahriman"

I got my copy of Black Magick of Ahriman!!! It came today in the mail and I am SO EXCIIIIITED!! The energies that come off of this book are unbelievable!!! I am so happy!! I can not wait to start reading it! I read the preface and was immediately surrounded by Ahriman who I believe is very happy I got the book! hehehe! Let the festivities begin!

It came super fast by the way! It was a matter of days and it was here! Thank you!!


I have started to read the book. I am in love with it! Can you BE in love with a book? Well if not then I am the first! It is like I FINALLY found the home I have been searching for all along. I was just not ready for it until now. Kurtis Joseph. Man, my hat is off to you for writing such a powerful and downright awesome tome. The things I am reading are things I have said. The lessons you are talking about are the same lessons I have experienced! omg. I am stunned every time I open the cover. Now I know why I HAD to get this grimoire. If you are desiring to get this book like in your SOUL you are wanting it like I was, I would say do like I did. Screw the bills and get it. It is totally worth it! It is very well written and it is imbued with the energies of Ahriman and his legions. The book does not come alone. So be prepared… I just wonder what that poor UPS driver thinks as he carries it to your home!! hehehe! Must be an interesting ride that day! Kurtis, truly, my heartfelt thanks go out to you.


Your welcome!


You do not summon Ahriman. He summons you. Do not ignore the call. :wink:


It was an energy. It was Ahriman.


I just ordered the leather copy, after reading what people felt when they got near the book I just got to have it. Of course, I didn’t just buy it to feel the energy I am interested in working with the book. After reading and hearing everything about it, including watching almost all the videos on YouTube about it, it sounded intriguing enough to buy it. I’ve never spent that much on a book before.


You are in for a treat. The leather is very special. Gorgeous book.


I ordered my copy last week.
No news from USPS tracking…
I can’t wait to have it in my hands.

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You probably won’t see it for a little over 2 weeks.

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know you if i can find essential ingredients in canada ?

That’s odd, mine doesn’t look like that, here’s mine…

As you can clearly see, it’s pleather and not real leather and stitched on the outside. The pages are all black and white, anyone receive color?

Also, I don’t think the bag is real velvet. Kinda feels like the fake shit.

Could it be that there’s a double standard at Become a Living God? What if some of the content isn’t legit either… makes me wonder.

Oh and by the way, if you want to curse me because your black magicians and all, go ahead, it’s not like I can curse you back since I am just starting out. Way to prey on the weak and impressionable who want the same standards as everyone else who pays $300.

Welcome to the forum.

As to your post are you aware that the copies in the pictures above are the cloth cover edition and that none of the copies have color pages right? Not sure what your agenda is that your first post on the forum is an attack on products. But it’s pretty childish.

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Just being honest about what I’m paying for. That’s my agenda.

I’ve been thinking about what I said, and at first I was unhappy with the cloth cover edition, but it really is a truly powerful book and I have learned so much in it’s pages. I think if anyone wanted a book on the Black Magick of ancient Persia, this is definitely the most potent book I have ever read. The cover is well crafted, and I can tell it will last a very long time. Congrats on a job well done.

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So you are basicly saying ”dont judge a book by its cover”?
Couldnt resist (:slight_smile:
Great that you are happy with the product m8


Rotflmao! Abwahahaha! You got and said… “Fuck this”… Then you read and said… “DAAYUUM”! Yup… Such is the nature of that content. You got your monies worth in content trust me. Now apply it. Then you will find that no one can truly afford it. Its publication in a way is a charity and gift to mankind. It is priceless. You will be transformed by just reading buddy. Trust me. :wink:


I’m not ashamed to admit when I’m wrong :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Thanks again for a potent book!

Really thinking of getting this book. I’m oddly drawn to it.

Where would I find that has been struck by lightening, I found human bone powder

You should be able to find one easily enough with a hike through local woods.
Found 4 in the woods near my apartments after i had already consecrated my nexion altar.

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