Help me

I’m new to magic and I was wondering where I should start

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Please start here. :point_down:

Tell us a little about yourself, what kind of magick are you interested in, what you’re wanting to accomplish, things like that.

And Welcome to the forum.


Feel free to visit the BALG FAQ, for any answers you may need: BALG Forum FAQ By Members, For New Members (and old members)


Start with meditation and learn all the stuff that you need to in order to accomplish your goals.

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A variant of the sign of cross/qabalistic cross etc. is the magical cross. Face north and with your dominant hand touch these points with thumb, index and middle finger: forehead, saying “By the earth”, chest “by the fire”, left shoulder “by the water”, right shoulder “by the air”. Join hands once again at the chest and finally say “in a single one thing. Hime, hatiti, levupi, lesegi”.
You may use it to be “centered” at beginning of rituals. Practice the fourfold breath: inhalation and exhalation with pauses between them, in every phase count up to 4.
Concentrate on the spots corresponding to the 7 chakras: Sahasrara, top center of the head; Ajina, forehead/between eyebrows; Vishuddha, throat; Anahata, chest; Manipura, above the navel; Svadishthana, below that; Manipura, at the end of spinal cord. Repeat their mantras: “aum, om, ham, yam, ram, vam, lam”.
Look at the powers of the 7 angels in the Heptameron and 72 spirits of Goetia, choose some entities and draw their sigils. Prepare questions to ask or decide a goal to attain. Give and maintain a relaxed look to a sigil until it seems to flash or you feel “something”, then ask and get ready to write the answer, or instead imagine the goal as already accomplished and feel the associate emotion, then say “(that certain thing) is happening” and thank the Spirit.