Why are we talking to becoming a living God and nobody can manifest million $?

Anyone can look at a person who’s a millionaire (or more), from their own country and their kind of background, and acquire the exact same amount of wealth, BUT - here’s where it all goes pear-shaped - you would need to do the exact same kinds of things that person did, and let’s face it, most people won’t do that.

To want what another person has without being willing to do what they did to get it, is a normal human state, we all have a bit of that tendency.

But it becomes a self-cursing affliction if it leads to bitterness and fixation on finding shortcuts, to the detriment of leading one’s own life and excelling in the areas available, given one’s own preferences and talents.

Another thing to remember is that most (not all) people reading this are in the top 10% of wealth in this world, so seen from the bigger perspective spirits have, if you have plentiful safe food, clean water, heat/AC, and the time, freedom, and ability to study magick, you’re already ahead of the game, and whining for more than you actually need is just pathetic. :man_shrugging:

JMO, YES I like money, yes I like nice things, but letting greed for more screw with your enjoyment of what you already have is unwise.


maybe because people took the become a living god and turned it into GothsRUs excuse to be edgy and dark


Excuse me but this is a black magick forum :crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue:


A defining trait or a goth is their inner Christian child discovering dark magick xD


This right here is both a fantastic object lesson, as well as great tech note for those formulating intentions … the need for specificity of the goal.

Any modern country Westerner is born on third base already. Even the “poor” in the West are better off than the majority of people on this spinning ball we call Earth.

So, be cognizant of what you already have, and if you want/ need more materially, then call your shot. Speak to the gods (or whatever you spell to) exactly what you desire. If it isn’t successful then troubleshoot your working, and rinse and repeat.

As always LE … your commentary is chock full of teaching.



Ars non Fortuna


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So I have ALMOST manifested millions of dollars. I’ve noticed the spirits do it in ways that are fastest. I have a Youtube channel, but I’ll quickly type down some of my experiences:
I told the spirits that if I was a millionaire, I would move to Germany in a penthouse, listen to amazing music all day, chill by a fire place. What happened? I met an older German fellow, who just happened to want a serious relationship that would lead to marriage. Lived in germany, was a successful music producer, and once he went back to Germany, we did a video chat. He lived in a penthouse, and showed me his fireplace. The spirits literally fulfilled my requests… I didn’t realize it would come that way… haha… I seem to attract a lot of German men as well (for whatever reason)…

The second one was a million dollar loan. That’s a little harder to explain, so I won’t.

Third one was the opportunity to get investors to invest a million dollars in my fund, but… that was kind of shady.

Last example would be, my ex (who is also shady), came back into my life out of the blue. I joked to a spirit that I wanted a vacation and he came out of nowhere and told me he missed me and further into the conversation–he told me he wanted to go on a trip soon enough. Anyway, I forgot about all the bs he put me through, and he’s one of those guys who wants to be in a relationship but also have business with his partner. There’s this one business he wanted to get into, but (again it was shady as hell!!), and offered to partner up. I’ve seen people make millions too. It’s artificial intelligence stuff. The problem was, he obviously was expecting a romantic and/or sexual commitment.

If there’s anything I’ve learned from these experiences–it’s that you must be VERY specific with HOW you want to get that million dollars. Also state how you wouldn’t want it (if you feel called to do so). ALSO STATE: that if you don’t have any avenues to manifest that million–then ask for opportunities. If you were to look at my vedic astrology birth chart, you’d see sun and venus in my 11th house. Apparently the 11th house is about large windfalls of wealth, so sun means I would naturally attract powerful men, and venus could either mean I attract windfalls of money through love or uh, a partner. Which has been shown through these examples. Smh haha. I suppose the other way I could utilize this is writing about romance, which is what I already do–therefore, I could ask the spirits to make me a millionaire through that.

Still not sure about why I attract such shady opportunities / men though … (through this chart I mean). So also be very specific about what avenues you want. You don’t want to end up like me, all these opportunities are like a complete cock tease from the universe! Lesson learned here!


I had a friend who cast a money spell, got hit by a car then proceeded to sue the company and won a settlement for almost a million. So careful what you wish for, it might not manifest the way you’d like.


was she injured

Yes, I forgot what it was specifically since it’s been a few years- but he did sustain permanent damage somewhere.


Something to ponder - a lot of magicians will say it’s too hard to get help of demons or entities or spirits to randomly guess the numbers, or it’s like trying to change the laws of nature, yet many mathematicians and statisticians, normal people (with a skill with numbers), have been successful enough with lotto to win the jackpot multiple times. There’s a mathematician who was even banned from playing because she figured out the system.

And yet, a spiritual entity can’t do it. Sounds suspect, and like a lack of skill on the practitioners part, NOT the fault of an otherworldly entity.

So it can be done. Someone with skill just needs to figure it out. Or if they have, they aren’t sharing (for obvious reasons).

It also sounds like there’s a lot of poisonous mindsets around lotto and even having a lot of money. It explains a lot. For reference, my aunt was said to use a voodoo practitioner to win a million dollars. She took us all out to vacation to celebrate, and she still wins large amounts at bingo and such. She also is now buying property to rent out. She’s doing well. Nothing bad happened. And because she has a healthy relationship with money, nothing bad will happen.

It’s amusing to see how everyone’s views with their intrinsic relations to money is jumping out in this thread, and then they wonder why they can’t win, or won’t win.


Maybe there are some millionaires here who knows. And who knows who might suddenly have millions. Or could come into money. I work in the family business and stand to inherit part of it when I do I could sell my portion off for a few million and that would technically make me a millionaire but not sure I want to do that. I think there’s a lot of potential for me to run with it and make millions over time. But the funny thing is that I don’t really seem to need that much money and it’s actually been more satisfying and fun just to manifest what I want directly.
I made a post about this topic once…


I think part of it is your money belief. Many aren’t taught that having a lot of money is normal. There is a ceiling worth for each person. They feel they don’t deserve much so them money won’t come. Many aren’t use to having lots of money so they go in awe when they see lots of money which repel them. I think one have to be comfortable with money or have good relation with it in order to prosper. One’s deservingness attitude matters in attracting certain amount. I"ve read a bit about those that win lotto. Almost all of them have this confidence that they will win. There were no doubt. And combine that with lucky timing of luck base on birthdate. Many win when they are in good luck cycles of luck. They had this attitude for yrs that they already won such large amount.

If one never were rich . It makes it hard to think that moiney can come easy to you as you’ve been poor your whole life working hard for chump change. One’s habit is that it’s hard to make money unless one make breakthroughs or have mentors who are rich so you get osmosis learning from the rich having different mentality than the poor folks.


I did a money spell and my neighbour won £250,000 at the same time on a online gambling website. It does happen.

In Germany a life without enough money is impossible. You need to have as a single at least an income of 2000 euro without taxes to afford a place to live that’s not rotting or beyond some total assholes. Not even to mention having a family and kids. There starts the big shot bc. Insufficient support of the State. I have this romantic idea when I get a huge amount (like 10 Million Euro) dat I will buy myself same hectar of land at the eastcoast of Germany and build there a big beautiful Resident where Several places for meetups are with an altarroom rooms for rituals etc. And maybe a little precious cabin made of wood next to it where I could raise my future children and teach them the way they should look on their lives and not the way of the Education that’s part of Germany where everything just gets set as shitty and that money is everything. I would do pretty much heritage shit and would look to get teachers in occultism and pay for Seminars where starters could learn basics or advanced stuff. It would be freedom. In my interpretation Money is just a value you have to get freedom. If u are poor ur in custody to work to survive. If you have very much time and money u don’t have to worry about anything and can ascend pretty much easier because there is no distraction…


Sometimes we need to partner up whit trust people but people hate spending money,but want all free ,I have a few ideas but it’s partnership in this times people will use you or run away in my city 98/ of magicias are broke,poor,and whiut hope,selling 5 dollars candles in facebook.which translate in $2,3 dollars after tax,plus energy waste,no hope and claim to be sorceress, I try to invest but I know 8000 is not easy but saving or do magik is my options , especially whit kids,but I’m on it,

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Would u mind parting ur ideas with us?

If you ask for money and your standing with the entity is good, you’ll get it. You have to put in work in the mundane world and have something to offer in exchange though. Nothing is free, lol. I got money when I asked for it, but I had to stay on top of the opportunities that were presented to me to get it, and carry out my end of the deal. I am too lazy to do what is required of me to get 1 million, I am happy with what I have.

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you can actually make millions of dollars with spirits. Make no mistakes. In 2015 after my divorce I asked bune for 2millions of pounds , I asked her to partially possessed me. Im originally from the Drc born I was born in rhe uk. It took me a year to manifest it But I went through to acquire that money. I was motivated to visit my home country And I went there I found all type of black market business …you know the story lol…And yes i made in that year more than 2 millions of pounds. You just need to be bold enough to say fuck the system then go legit.


Money magick can be a hit or miss. Even though everyone will tell you about pathways, even with it and not lusting for results there’s no guarantee it’ll work every time and that it’ll be a lot. I’ve had more money on my own than using a spirit for a quick buck. I’ve done it as a test with only NAP and I’ve gotten mediocre results. Never bothered trying anything else but I might if I can build a relationship with “money” demon well enough.