New Age Belief Questions

Hi, I am in a predicament, and would like some help, and guidance please.

I have always valued individuality, and individualism above all else for my whole entire life, and I have always believed that we were our own separate people, AKA our own individual souls, and that I am me, and you are you, but now when reading the New Age belief system, and all of the things that are being posted here among other things AKA ideas about unity, connectedness, oneness, and all of that stuff etc, now I’m not so sure anymore.

We can’t all be individual, and all be one, and the same being at the same exact time. That means it’s either one, or the other. One is the real reality while the other is an illusion. Take love for another person, and having sex with them for example. At one time I would have thought that I was having sex with someone who was real AKA someone who existed outside of myself, and was their own individual soul, but now I can’t enjoy it anymore because now I have to think of the fact that they’re another time instance of me, and so I’m technically having sex with myself? And then if I have kids with said person, I’m also the kids as well?

Now I know that we need love for ourselves, but I always thought the key to love was having love both for yourself, and for someone other than yourself, aka outside of yourself, as in love both internal, and external, but according to the New Age spiritualists, no one actually exists outside of myself, but rather they all exist within me, because I am all of them at once, which of course means that all the people I see are just other versions, and incarnations of myself, my true self, GOD!

So there would be almost no point in making friends then because they are all me anyway, when I originally had thought that we were all our own separate existences. That’s been really depressing to me when according to others, it should be the most beautiful thing that I have ever heard, and that it should fill me with bliss, but it doesn’t. So I almost feel as if I’m the crazy one here, and that something just isn’t computing for me that it should be, that it is for everybody else.

So is it just me, and I’m the problem here as in there’s just something about the whole New Age concept of Oneness that I am not getting, and grasping that I should be? Because that seems to be what is constantly being told to me, as I’m told day in, and day out that it’s just my so called feeble human intellect which is refusing to understand, and that I am being held captive by my Ego which is apparently my enemy, and that our Egos are actually known as The Devil Inside which is our false identity that we associate with at birth. So we’re supposedly supposed to permanently destroy our egos, which will erase us of everything that makes me, ME so that I can go into a blank slate, and then allow myself to be filled, and replaced by the higher up version of myself.

So if I decide to still believe in individuality, and individualism, and that we are all our own separate beings rather than all being one, and the same, does that make me a closed minded fool? Because that is what has been constantly being said not only to me, but countless others as well who won’t abandon their old ways to replace them with what is now considered the one, and only real truth.

I’ve been told countless times that all beliefs, and paths are lies, and invented by ignorant humans. The reason why they believe that New Age beliefs is the only exception to that however is because they claim they did not come up with the system from their own minds, but rather had them sent to them through a natural DMT plant known as AyaHuasca, which they claim immediately opens up your mind to the true nature of reality, and the ultimate truth, and automatically discards everything else.

They also claim that every single religioun, path, and belief all originated from this one plant, but they all got horribly corrupted by the humans who took over them, who did not have the guidance, or truth from the Sacred Plant, and this is the modern form of all of them now that we see today.

I mean this is obviously getting ridiculous at this point, and I’m almost embarrassed to even make this post because this is the most retarded thing in the world that could possibly happen to someone to impede on their ability to live their day to day life, and it’s happening to me. I mean we have real world problems such as starvation, murder, rape, violence, terrorism, etc, and I’m over here going down a rabbit hole into madness over stupid shit like this! To me, this doesn’t seem to far off from a conspiracy theory known as Solipsism which is another thing that is driving me batty! I’m almost positive that everyone is laughing at me at this point.

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Quantum string theory postulates you are me and you are all things that you encounter in this world, there is a oneness that connects you to all things but you are an independent spiritual entity in a flesh body, this world is what you make it.


You’re over thinking things. That is all.
Just breathe and BE. Let go.


Your problem is that you are thinking it is either black or white, either/or, and it is not. It is both.

Each of us is an individuated consciousness that is both separate and connected to everything else.

Look at it like a balloon on a string. That balloon is its own separate thing but it is also connected to you via the string you hold in your hand. You can manipulate the balloon via that string, but its essential nature doesn’t change.That is how each individual consciousness connects to every other thing.


No. While you can certainly expand your consciousness to achieve that through meditation and psychedelics, your perception is only truly aware of yourself in the present moment.

No one really knows. It is all subjective and depends on your belief system. Your consciousness will prove to itself whatever beliefs you hold. When you learn to soul travel, everything you experience in the astral will be dictated by the beliefs you hold about it. This is why Christians claim the astral is Satanic and you will be attacked by demons, because that is what they expect to happen so that is what they experience.

Some occultists are really deep into the idea of reincarnation and past lives, while others are not. Until you die, you will never truly know except what you experience in your own explorations.

Another thing you need to grasp, is that the beliefs you hold in this incarnation do not apply to the next one. Just because you hate pedophiles now doesn’t mean you will if you reincarnate. In fact, your entire personality and memory will be different and you won’t even remember this life. If reincarnation is true, you could end up experiencing the life of a dung beetle, at least according to some Eastern religions.

You are asking questions to which no one has the answers.

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No, because all your questions are based on your own perceptions and beliefs about how things work, and don’t apply to anyone else. You are trapped in overthinking and going around and around in circles. No matter what we or anyone else, tells you, you won’t be happy, and will just keep asking more and more questions ad infinitum.

This kind of stuff isn’t intellectual but experiential. To find your answers, you have to give up on the questions and start actually experiencing things, otherwise you will never really penetrate beneath the surface of anything and will continue spinning your wheels.


But how did this destructive loop even start? I used to just be a happy go lucky gamer who didn’t really question anything at all. No over thinking, and just living my life. The only thing I cared about is the food that was on my plate, getting a Girl Friend, and getting the new/next gaming console. But then I read about these theories, and philosophies at some point, and all of a sudden I’m like this now.

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I don’t know. It’s your mind. Something about what you read captured your mind and now it is caught in a never ending spiral of questions. it has nothing to do with the theories and philosophy you read, and everything to do with your own head. As Buddha said, the mind is a wonderful servant but a terrible master. You need to take control.


So all I need to do then is somehow find a way to go back to the way I was before I read all of that stuff to when I just was, and peaceful, and happy, and content, and that will fix everything.

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Learn to meditate and focus your thoughts.

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I agree with darkestknight, I used to be like that when I got into atheism, your mind can be a trap. If I’m thinking of this like u are if you go back to the way u were u would be taking a step back. Try to come up with a defined set of core beliefs, really basic shit, and slowly add and change it depending on what you discover through meditation, this site, gods and demons, and from fellow magicians, discarding what has been disproven. Keep your mind off things, get into fitness, writing, anything good that won’t stop you from your work, but keeps you content when you arent thinking philosophically. If none of that works then just chill out


It is not the questions that are the problem, but your mind’s tendency to chew on them to the exclusion of all else. You need to learn to order your thoughts. Pick a style of meditation and do twice daily. Learn object concentration. Pick a focus, like a candle flame or a spot on the wall, and keep your mind on it, dropping any thought that comes up.

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There are individual spirits and souls. They are unique in their own ways. They are all different but everything is connected together like a giant cosmic web of energy.
You and i are different and unique… But still we are connected via this cosmic web of energy.

Many cultures have ideas of this… Like the Celtic mythology/movement has something called Awen; Awen is not a spirit but is simply this energy that connects everyone one with everything.

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@FantomGirl You mean kind of like what someone told me on a different forum, and site? He said “We are not all one, but rather connected like cars on a highway. The cars are their own individual cars, they are only themselves, never the others, the cars are not all one, and the cars are not all one car. The same can be said for souls, and spirits.” Is that what you meant?

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That is what i meant. Yes.

@FantomGirl I see. So, for example, you wouldn’t believe a claim such as “If I punch you in the face, once I die as this me, I’ll reincarnate as you, live your life as you until the day the punch was administered, but this time I will be on the receiving end of the punch, rather than on the giving end, for I am both you, and me.” So would you not see that as an accurate statement?

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I wouldn’t see it as an accurate statement.


It sounds like you’re having a normal existential crisis.
All the things you mention come from information overload. When you read things, read over them as ideas, not facts, then only pay attention to the info that stands out or resonates with you, read it again objectively as if someone is giving their opinion, and decide if you want to think about it more, or dismiss it and move on.
You’re not obligated to rationalize/argue/accept everything you read, if you did you would lose your mind trying to make sense of sometimes damaging things.

Like mentioned above, just relax and take it easy with new information, in all areas of life not just this subject.

You are in charge of your world, your thoughts and what you allow to be processed in your mind.

In regards to collective consciousness and being connected, I believe there is more evidence that we are individual separate parts acting independently than there is that we are interconnected. But I also think you can choose to form or force connections to people, matter etc.

As long as one entity can exert control over another and act independently I think we remain separate beings.

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Also, the concept is not just "new age "
Africa has plenty of theory on connectedness to each other, land, sky, sea going back to the dawn of time and plenty of theories on man-god connectedness which changes from tribe to tribe across the continent.

But if you meditate on what you feel about the subject you will feel one way about the argument more strongly- go that way, whatever speaks inside you- follow that, it knows you.

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