Succubus talking?

The sound came from another source like how someone talks to you and you hear them that’s how it was for the sounds everything was silent and dark and boom I’m hearing these birds chirping sounds the only reason I truly think it was my succubus was because at the same exact time she started touching me with sensations she doesn’t usually give me ~0~

Hm? How do you do that?

There are various formats of which you can find online. But it can be as simple as doing your usual to clear the space and cast circle. Bring in some correspondences (e.g. Roses, Red Wine, Incense, candles, etc things that delight the senses) If you have a particular way you call deities then you can use that method, or/and you can call out to them, or chant their Enns like a mantra

Lilith - Renich viasa avage Lilith lirch
Agrat Bat Mahlat - Enva Agrat Bat Mahlat On Ca Anay
Na’amah - Anat ca on Na’amah betak
Eisheth Zenunim - Catya ana Eisheth Zenunim Lemec
Machaloth - (still trying to find that one)

(From the author S Connolly)

Then write out what you desire, pouring your feelings into the letter addressed to one or all of them as you choose. Be it a spirit friend, lover, or one night stand. If you are okay with it then sign it with your magick name and blood. Then set it on fire to send it to them (if safe in the circle before rituals end, or later in the night if not.)

You can also find their Enns and mediations on YouTube.

But the Queens will help you out, for after all it is their delight to help people better themselves through the power of their passions. And more then that if you are willing to learn from them. All fun and games aside with them. They have changed my life, and helped me to save myself when I was at my lowest when no other Gods or Goddess gave voice in my turmoil.

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I actually told @Healing_Heart about this. The easiest way to explain this is that it’s like having tinnitus, a constant “ring, hissing, or tone”. Like after an Ozzy concert. At first it’s annoying as hell and distracting. Once I really listened to it closely, I could hear it lower and grow higher. It also changes in volume based on their energy (normal/chill, excited, angry, sad, happy, etc.). It’s a way to reach out to us, we’re so low in what we perceive as communication (5 senses) that it works without having gained higher levels of communication. Simply…pay attention to your senses.


Have you tried writing/drawing a sigil or something similar on your body? I recently had an experience with Prince Sitri (I posted about it yesterday I believe) where I invited him to do that type of thing with me. It was after the ritual and I was pretty much waiting for it to happen, but it wasn’t until I took a nap in the evening a couple days later that I woke up feeling like I was being pinned to my bed. Like a dark insanely dark energy was just holding me down. @Mind_Seeker20 talks about density and it was like this dense energy was just pooling at certain parts of my body. Honestly, such an amazing experience. So my suggestion is to evoke/invoke by means of inviting the daemon and perhaps drawing a sigil on yourself or putting one under your pillow (or wherever you are).
Edit: I also heard things, sounds that were a bit sexual in nature more than tones but also it was such an intense experience I can’t say they weren’t there.


I’ll sleep with Lady Liliths sigil under my pillow sometimes.

Haven’t tried the sigil thing.


Sorry, I had forgoten, and still trying to find our convo

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It was DM from another thread


Thanks, sorry I wasn’t able to give you full credit

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I have been getting the tinnitus described by @MyloveV for oh, a month? Always in the right ear. I make heavy use of a pendulum to communicate with my spirit.

Apart from meditation on the throat chakra center (which she directed me to work on) what other ways would you suggest to work on senses?

New here, sorry if this is a dumb question but I saw this topic and communicating and experiencing my relationship with my spirit more fully is a major goal at the moment.


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@anon48079295 I will agree that intermittently hearing high pitch tones is not the best sign to follow. What I have been hearing for about a year now is not intermittent, it is constant. It’s hard to explain, I hear normal sounds(speech, music, the wind, etc) perfectly with a very clear tone just as clearly. I think the only way I can explain it is "hearing " the tone. I have been able to, while meditating, communicate with my spirit thru thought. I have once or twice actually heard her voice. The tone has been a cheat for not having my skills up to par.



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You can also use semen/sexual fluids which is a lot safer than using blood which could attract parasites.

So familiar and overwhelmingly warm
This one, this form I hold now

Embracing you, this reality here
This one, this form I hold now
So wide eyed and hopeful
Wide eyed and hopefully wild

We barely remember what came before this precious moment
Choosing to be here right now
Hold on, stay inside
This body holding me, reminding me that I am not alone in
This body makes me feel eternal
All this pain an illusion

Seem familiar…

i feel my succubus every night when I go to bed, or whenever she feel like coming to visit me from her home the infernal realm.

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Fair point, especially for a succubus. Though any output of energy can do that. Parasites are a concern just make sure it’s done in circle and with the LBRP.

I got my succubus, she great, she’s a healer, and has been doing a great job, though she’ll do anything I ask for. So she may be romantic in the future, I’ll just have her heal me now

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