As a Witch I want to know more about "Magicians"

I’ve been meddling in witchcraft for about a year now and this is the first time I’m hearing of “Magicians” I’m finding it difficult to research obviously because I just get illusionist magic tricks.

What do you call your craft?
Where do harness your power from?
Are there thiest and non thiest paths?
Is it connected to Anton LeVey’s satanism?
If it’s connected to satanism at all really.
Is there a difference between Magicians black Magick and Witches.

I just have many questions and I want to know more about what all this is.


I would consider myself more of a magician rather than a witch simply because I don’t settle with any one-religion. If I had considered myself wiccan and stuck on that path, I would probably call myself a witch instead

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From what I have gathered a witch is someone who practices witchcraft where as a wiccan follows the religion. (Also could practice witchcraft)

What kind of magick do you practice and what is the difference you see between being a witch and a magician.

I don’t see a difference between witch and magician.

As a black magician can still work in traditional witchcraft as well as other pathworkings so therefore would they be considered a magician or witch.

These are just labels just like the terms warlock and sorcerer they are simply used to describe someone who practices magick.


any magic that i feel drawn to, or that can help me. but like @C.Kendall said, its just terms, there’s a million and one different terms almost all meaning the same exact thing


to be fair, the correct term would be wiccan at that point. not witch.

although, we should stray from labels

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Precisely I just think we use what we feel comfortable being called but it’s almost all the same unless you use terms which are specific to certain pathworkings like ‘Zanda’ for a priest of Ahriman or ‘Houagan’ for Haitian Voudon.

However the term ‘Witch’ is a broad used title not just in traditional witchcraft.

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For all your questions well.
1: i simply call myself a magician and the craft well nothing particulary, following LHP and picking whatever works i wouldnt put a specific brand on it.
2: Tons of currents to pick power from depending on personal preferences and type of work to do, some into more baneful stuff and necromancy will use death as source of energy, some will use the void, other in turn different mythologhys like greek, egyptian, norse, sumerian etc.
3: Well i think many if not all here accepts the premise of gods but with the idea that you cant say there is one true god. Gods despite where they are from or what religion they belong to they can be guides and powerful allies but we are gods aswell so they are not more then us.
4: Some may follow LeVey but on this forum thats few to none. LeVey is more philosophy then anything else. Not my cup of tea.
5: Magicians dont have to have any connection to Satan aswell as witches dont have to. Its an option if you want to.
There are different types of satanism so its not easy to answer, personaly i havent done any work with satan yet for the simple reason i havent found a need for any teaching that can be provided but that will come in time i guess.
6: That depends on who you ask;) Some will divide it up inte white magic and black magic. Some dont acknowledge that and simply view magic as magic.
In my premise i hold on to a view i read abouth years ago that say that witchcraft tend to be low magic and Magicians tend to work high magic.
But then again there are ceremonial high magic in witchcraft aswell as there is use of lowmagic by ppl involved in ceremonial magic aswell, whatever flootes your boat.

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Not necessarily. Anton LaVey shaped my thinking from a young age. However there are points where I don’t agree with him. Working with spirits is not really a thing in his philosophy and approach to magic.

According to him, magic works through adrenal and biochemical energies. I don’t buy into that at all. There are black magicians here who don’t bother with LaVey or Satanism at all.

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So what do you think about non-theist practitioners then?

I call myself Mage, Witch, Occultist, Fey, Practitioner and Operator interchangeably.

I’m not religious, so I don’t call myself Wiccan, Asatruar, Pagan, Demonolator, Druid or even Taoist with a capital T. I do subscribe to some ideas in taoism and druidry as philosophies, not religions.

By the way, I have never worked with Satan or Lucifer (yet) and I have no idea what LaVey was about really, I never got into his stuff.

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So is mage just a different title for you or do you think there is something different that comes with being a mage.

It’s not really a self-awarded “title” as much as a way to recognise other people into what I’m into.
I don’t like ‘magician’, no real reason.

Because I call myself a witch due to the fact that I base my magick around nature and the elements working with my own energies and ones of the earth. Its very, Idk organic?


And why not? Sounds fine to me.

Oh Okay, so you’re saying that a mage is also a way to recognise what I am into?

Because what started this thread is that I thought being a witch was a nature based practise and was different from what magicians practise. So I guess mage and witch, magician are just ways for people to recognise what others are into?

Isn’t pagan a raw term for anyone not apart of the main global religions ?.

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Yes but there is also the pagan religion

Well i have no problem with that. The reality is what it is from you observation. The beliefs in gods for example is a way to characterise the world and give it some pieces to work with.
Magic can be worked without the use of gods or demons aswell if you like the scientific view of magic then the reality can be explained with the fact that everything existing is made up of energy and nothing is seperated from anything else and magic is only a way to manipulate sutle energys to create a desired outcome.
So gods are not a needed part but for me personaly gods, demons, spirits of different kinds acts as focul points, the big work when working with something is not only the external manifistation but the internal aswell.
As above so below, as without so within.

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