Journal 6: Conversation With Asmodeus

Also if she likes it rough, be fucking rough!


:joy::joy::joy::+1: Love it!
He’s funny as hell.
Please keep us updated! I enjoyed reading your journal. :grin: @LuciusOfficial

I always know that when he kinda goes away for a while and i don’t hear from him that he’s very busy helping others out and working on important things. It’s good to see him doing his job with people like you.

If you want to be successful in the bedroom department then listen to him. He knows what he’s talking about.


This. :heart:


Indeed, expansion is indeed important Ms.Astarte

Also seems you’re in for a wild ride @LuciusOfficial best of luck!


That’s precious insight both in general and for me, although I definitely try doing my homework btw thanks to you and King Asmodeus :slight_smile:

Please,how do I talk to spirits? I love it but no link.Can somebody help me? I need a spirit to talk to,this night possibly from 12midnight to 3am

Welcome, check out the sites search engine at the upper right, the magnifying glass, you don’t have to join the forum to use it, hundreds of threads on many occult subjects, please post an intro first as prompted, it is a forum rule.

For example, share…

• Your name

• Photos if you’re comfortable

• Kinds of magick you like

• Current goals

• Current struggles

Hello @LuciusOfficial

I’d really like to hear what happened next🤗

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…so I take it Asmodeus is not into being vegan?

You get It?

Not yet, but I just got a shit-ton of Tinder matches out of nowhere today. I’ll see what happens :grinning:

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1 week and nothing? Hmm

Good luck m8

From what I understand, he likes indulgence. Maybe he thinks an all-plant diet means air and mung beans (which is not necessarily the case).

I take it Buer may feel differently

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Thank you for reading, friend :smiley:

From my personal experience with him on our journey to become a “sex god” (his words, not mine lol), he does not like to be called by his enn, and preferred to be called by just “Asmodeus”. Every time i’d chant his enn, he’d just tell me to stop and call him by his name. Now, as our relationship builds, he is even okay with me calling him “Azzy” :slightly_smiling_face:


Your experience with Asmodeus are very similar to mine. Intense presence, but just a whole load of fun. He was the first King I ever invoked, and gosh I was so nervous the first time- but once I started talking to him I felt relieved and very humored. Definitely one of my favorites for sure.

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It is funny to read Asmodeus talking to a man about sex. He is much more elegant when he works with me. He has many of the same mannerisms, especially demanding answers quickly. (I completely understand that, tbh.)

He really enjoys voyeruism, which as an exhibitionist I don’t mind. I am sure he probably had a hand in your sexual performance as well.

Holy shit. Pink promises are a thing with the infernal divine. It’s very cute actually. My partner while invoking Lucifer offered his pinky to me when making a promise. Very, very interesting.

Which brings me to this Alchemical and Rosicrucian symbol where we see the pinky is a key… I am sure this connects somehow.


The Mercury finger (pinky)
The little finger and the mound just below it are ruled by Mercury. Such a small area of the hand reveals a lot about its owner. Keywords for Mercury are communications, ingenuity, negotiations, invention, intimacy, strategy, marketing, healer. A long Mercury finger indicates that the subject is quick, sharp and clever though not necessarily a good communicator. A bent Mercury finger may imply issues regarding trust. A low set Mercury finger reveals fears about abandonment.


Wow!! That’s hella cool. I had no idea! Its awesome to see others experience similar events to me. Thanks for sharing!

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