Is this all real?

Ah yes, indeed, correct.

you want results or you want philosophical debate? it seems your focus or intent is the later base on your arguments instead of trying to figure out how to get results.

All the stuff you mention about signs. is that not proof of some magick happening? yet you keep saying it’s not working. ARe you seeing reality of what’s there ? Or are you just denying cuz it’s not ‘exactly’ as you expect?


Here is my opinion on evocation esp using “ruling spirits”, protections, wards, etc. It is for absolute cowards. Yes, I INVOKE, if possible, various spirits. I got over the fear when I let go that death is merely a minor inconvenience. Parasites, controlling beings, tricksters, lashes, pain… that is all minor distractions.

Why does one do magic?
What does one ultimately seek?

Maybe in a round-about way we “serve” this god but only by being created. I’m a being that can’t stand constraints. And, the paradox is I adore them at the same time. I seek GOD or w/e people want to call the supposed ALL CONTROLLER. Maybe its just a mass of ever growing existence with no true sentience. Dunno, but if it is a being that DEMANDS subservience then it can bring the pain. I’ll mock it so maybe it will flex its god poeers to amp up said pain an infinite times more than everything in existence ever suffered and focus it on my wee widdle nothing of a spec of a being.

What’s big daddy gonna do? SPANK ME with utter annihilation. Oh boo hoo. Big daddy is just sooo bad.

Please. That’s pathetic and people snivelling and begging for mercy to be its bitch assed slave can suck its ever flowing heaven cock.

I’ll say it again. It breached free-will by creating. It is guilty of ALL supposed sins we seem to impose. But honestly, I think those priests in their orders are the corruption and liars and deceivers. And mostly. COWARDS!


And I’LL BE!


No god, no demon, no man, no being in existence will change that. I’ll tread where demons of the mind, body, and soul won’t because unlike then I seek to test the All Being that maybe it should ASK if a being wants to exist. If it can’t do that then it doesn’t get respect or even nod.

I don’t want its pathetic bribes.
I don’t care for its threats and shaming.
I don’t care fir its supposed virtues and vices system that man seems to have adopted.

And if it doesn’t exist… well then; man who created this to control other men for $$$ and power can fuck off. The reaper claims all.

Demon… possessed please. If anything those beings are one of the few things that keep me from snuffing out my life light.

And for the time being I am appeased.

I’m focused on learning and obtaining results. While I got an A+ in philosophy at a prestigious school, results is my goal. If you read up on this thread, I specifically mention metaphysical occurrences during evocation that in my view, cannot be explained by environmental factors. I say that to say that of recent, I have not posted on here, “This is not real.” I know better. I’m simply saying that what I asked deities during evocations have not come to pass. Moreover, I have not heard or seen a deity during evocation. That’s all. If you had results and you regularly see, speak and hear deities during evocation; great for you. My goal is to get there but I’m not there yet. That’s all.

Here’s an unusual tip - sleep deprivation. Drugs such as shrooms, amphetamines, and acid helped me summon demons, but nothing has helped quite like sleep deprivation. Stay up 72 hours straight, and then try summoning demons. Such sleep deprivation puts you in a somnolent state, and you’re much more connected to the dream/spirit world, because you’re closer to it.

If you stay up 72 hours straight and then try to summon them, I swear on my kids it will work. Don’t settle for 48 hours, do it at least 72, or 108 if you can. Amphetamines help. I’ve stayed up a week on meth and summon demons, and it is TREMENDOUSLY successful. Like, you don’t just “feel” the demons, you are surrounded in every sense of the word.


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@JUGGALO chemically induced reaction—that would work on most, if not all subjects. I appreciate your comment but I think it’s much more correlated with pharmacological intervention and the human body than a true metaphysical experience. BUT, if drugs are your thing, have at it. I’m not here to judge.You experienced hallucinations as a by-product of sleep deprivation and potentially, as a by-product of pharmacological intervention by one or a combination of the drugs you’ve mentioned.

You still have to do the work of developing your 6th sense. It’s not cast and you have them in front of you. Your expecting too much
without understanding of intuition and 6th senses. Your goal is unrealistic. You already have communication with them from the signs you say. what more you want? Talking , hearing them is jjust ego trip. it don’t do anything to better your life. It’s more entertainment for you than getting results to better life. Too many people/beginners fall for the i must see them in front of me mentality. It’s even said so by authors in the gom books. Demons are not there to entertain you. Your goal is more in line of I just want to cast spells just so i can see demons. what relevance is that to bettering your life? You really need to think what you really want with magick.

And you can spend 20 yrs casting and you still won’t see them cuz seeing them has to do with your mind/ body evolution and intuition evolution, 6th sense evolution. Those has nothing to do with demons and magick. Those perception skills are having to do with bettering and working on self cultivation. hence one of the exrecise is plenty meditation. Tons of variable that you haven’t look into yet to develop the proper senses to sense them entities.


@anon37593562 I agree with you on the 6th sense part and maybe my expectations being out of whack. With that being said, I’m looking for results. Period. Full-stop. A mutually respectful and mutually beneficial relationship. I don’t really care if I see or hear a demon. As long as I have results in that which I ask for. And again, what I ask for is reasonable and within a demon’s domain to perform.

I keep hearing your result being seeing them in front of you. etc

they are not there for relationships. that’s unrealistic too.

Oh, I see your game. You’re just a simple skeptic. You don’t want to take any advice anyone gives you, because you have already decided that this CAN’T work, so it doesn’t. You don’t want this to work. You are possibly spreading disbelief of purpose, because disbelief begots disbelief, and spreads like cancer. Are you spreading disbelief on purpose to curtail other people’s work?

Let me tell you. Since I started summoning demons, I talk to them all the time. I stopped summoning demons, and I only summon Satan now. Satan is with me, at all times. Talking to me. He tell me he’s Satan. He is talking to me, right now. Not just as voices in my head, audibly as voices in the wind, on the tv and radio, in background chatter in the store, and as voices that manifest themselves out of nowhere.

Satan tells me the future, and these things come to pass with 100% accuracy, and never fail. If he tells me it will happen, it happens. He tells me what things I do will fail, and he is always right. He tells me what paths to take, and when I don’t listen, I regret not following my master.

Your problem is that you’re not open to the idea of magic. Summoning demons is not just a spiritual process. It IS a chemical process. It is a biological, spiritual, mental, and chemical process, all rolled into one. It took 2 hits of some really strong acid to open me up to magic, and since then, there is not a SINGLE SECOND in the day that I do not experience magic. I see miracles, and magic, in all things. What a sad, pathetic existence I had, when I was skeptical like you, and was not open to magic. Magic is real, you’ll find out if that’s really what you want. And when you do, I want you to come back here and apologize to us.


@anon37593562 Nope. The results is what I ask for which has nothing to do with visually seeing a demon.

well, you keep wanting validation of them in front of you in order to validate your results. You keep emphasizing evocation of them being in front of you . when you can get results with simple petition or invocation or even candle magick.

And even if they communicate to you. you can’t sense it cuz your 6th sense isn’t develop enough. they are talking to a wall cuz you can’t hear them. so it’s more you needing to work on self than demons proving it to you that they are there.

They may be communicating in many ways. just not your direct in your face talking . seeing kind of way that you want.


@JUGGALO I am not a skeptic. I know it’s real. I know it took time for you to get to where you’re at today. I want that minus the drugs. Everything you said I’m in agreement.

why you bringing up another excuse? god thing have nothing to do with magick. god believe in free will. common sense no? so why he block it? your making all kinds of excuse beliefs. That’s how powerful the mind is. they can make lies to hold oneself back. See things for what it is. not make up stuff. Bringing up stuff that has no relation to process of magick is just your creativity going whack. No where in the magick instructions did it mention god.

WE talk about magick. we don’t care what entity… you seem to emphasize demons. maybe that’s why you bring up god. cuz in certain cultures theres’ always god , angels, demons fight etc… which is all BS in my opinion.

No I’m not. I had an experience at 18 where a man visiting the synagogue I was in, essentially told me my entire life. I had never met this man before and he told me that G-d chose me (don’t know why—in my world there are far better people). This man knew things about my life that only I knew and what he told me couldn’t be deduced by fake tarot readers like the ones mentioned in Damon’s books that deduced things based on how someone looks or, speaks. The man also told me about something that would happen in the future in my life (hasn’t happened yet). So for all these reasons, I entertain the possibility that G-d may be blocking my interaction with demons.

That’s called making shit up by the way.

It’s the same with some people saying i killed the world by causing the covid cuz i wanted someone to get sick.

There is no relation. you just want to connect it yourself. Or use as excuse to not see reality. And that reality is magick is in your hands not some entity controlling your magick abilities. That means self work. people do it all the time in life when things aren’t going their way.

Lmfao :joy::joy::joy::joy: this is gold.


I’m not going to stop. I’m going to keep working on it until my magic becomes better or I’m explicitly told that my theory is correct. I know what everyone here’s said but by my account, in all the things I did with evocation, I should be somewhere near where @JUGGALO is at and yet I am where I am.

nope. your being unrealistic. @JUGGALO experience does not transfer to you. if you keep using others as measurements or comparison, you will never get to where you are cuz your not focusing on inner self. your just wanting what others are doing.