When we die and go to astral plane heaven i want to know will there be sex and wine and food and i want to know how life is gonna be there

Probably not just for the asking - the Kings of Egypt went to great lengths to try to create a suitable afterlife with all their nice things, for most people getting a nice afterlife that isn’t just the equivalent of being recycled into a life as bad, or worse, than they currently have, will take effort.

What are the problems facing you right now, are they anything magick might be able to fix, or imporve?

As you saw in my reply to your other thread, we can’t assist if you’re intending to hurt yourself, but magick can be useful in other ways once we know you’re safe.

Also, please drop an intro into this the thread below, it’s one of the forum’s rules:

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Lady Eva’s response is 100%.

Here’s EA’s opinion:

Note, you will probably figure out that in order to have a great afterlife it takes time to figure out what exactly you expect. The surefire way is to take your time while on Earth to become an adept magician. Overcome your pains, fears and oppressors. Hang out on the forum! It takes a few years as a magician to explore the other realms. Then you will be able to be guided more smoothly to a proper afterlife. Don’t rush it, and most certainly, please, don’t chase after death.


You forgot about the marijuana.

I personally don’t condone that. It is a substance that I had abused for almost a decade and it makes more problems than it seems to solve. (for me)

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Bah if it works for you! It just chewed into my short-term memory too much. Had to stop.
It is a natural plant that has been used for thousands of years.

No need to apologize for that!!