Santa Muerte, who is she?

I also heard somewhere on the Internet that if you ever cheated on your girlfriend or spouse she will not work with you since she is identified as female and will find it offensive. Please confirm this thanks!!!

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Thanks so much, gald to help.

Yes you can take the altar down, as long your intention is clear from doing that. Better say thank you prayer and give her an offering with it.

I think they’re right about that. But it depends on what you asked for. If you asked for relationship and love then she’ll probably hate it if you cheat on your partner. It would show that you reject what she gave you and may take it away.

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@PrinceX thanks for all the advice and tips. And most importantly your time. Really appreciate it all. I just a bit curious are you still working with her?? :smile:

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Sure you’re welcome anytime :slight_smile:

I stopped for a while but now I’m back working with her again. She’s really amazing


@PrinceX great soon I will want to start working with her too!!!


Hi @PrinceX sorry to bother you again i am making things ready but, something just crossed my mind, whenever, i pray to her at the altar do i need a candle lit? What color would be best and can i just snuff the candle after i pray to her? Or i need to keep it lit for a while before. Can i still use the same candle the next day for devotional prayers? How long does the glass of water stay on the altar and other offerings? Can i just talk with her after praying or only talk with her without praying? What if i am travelling for sometime maybe a week or more what do i do then because, i can’t be there personally to maintain the altar. Or can my partner do that for me? Can my partner pray with me at the same altar or she needs a private one to herself? How do i know if Santa Muerte said no to my petiton and request? Do i need to take a cleansing bath before and after praying and working with her? Thanks again for your help, and sorry for so many questions at once. All these just came up. Thanks Dato


Hi, no problem at all, happy to help.

It’s better to light the candle when you’re praying, but it’s optional, after that it’s better to snuff it you don’t have to leave it burning. You only need to keep it burning if that’s part of a ritual, a several days spell for example. You can use the same candle next day.

Water should be changed daily if you left water for her, other drinks and food offerings should be changed when they start to decay and change in colour or smell… when it’s obvious that they need to change.

If you’re traveling or away from home, you can leave something that would last for long time. Like alcohol, cigars or cigarettes, apples etc or no food at all. You don’t have to give food offerings all the time or everyday, that’s up to you. Most important to keep something at her altar and pray to her daily or couple of times per week.

Your partner can take care of her altar for you, and he can also use the same altar to pray to her. You can pray together if you wish.

Ask her to give you a sign to know her answer, you can ask her to make it clear so you could easily understand it and be sure that this is a sign from her.

You don’t have to take a cleansing bath, but you need to prepare well before you pray to her unless it’s emergency. Nothing out of the ordinary, clean clothes, clean place etc She loves to feel that you treat her with most respect. That’s the point.

Hope that helps, Good luck :slight_smile:


Thanks so much you helped me greatly! !

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You’re most welcome anytime, wish you all the best :slight_smile:

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Hi @PrinceX ,back again with some more questions. Is it important to verify that the Most Holy Death will work with me? To ask when I pray to her and what if I don’t get any answer, will it mean that she is not interested in working with me? I plan on making prayers and offerings for a week before I ask for something from her. What do you think? Also how will she take it if I just make a potable altar from a shoe box and close it after I’m done with prayers. I want to know from your experience thank you


Another thing is the Most Holy Death, always present when you pray to her or she just listens to the prayer because, I don’t feel anything when I was praying to her.


Hi @Datolite, In general she will work with you, she accepts everyone. If you feel that you need to verify her acceptance, ask her to give you a sign. She will. Enter TGS state and wait for a vision. Or simply go on with your day and her sign will find you. She knows how to get someone’s attention :slight_smile:

I believe a portable altar will be fine.

Yes, once you mention her name or think of her for few minutes, she will be there. You don’t have to feel anything. Most people don’t and their prayers-petitions are answered.

If you need to feel her present, you can repeat a small praise for her or just call her name, over and over, while you’re relaxed and focused… until you feel any change around you or within you. It may take time, but it works in most cases.


Thanks @PrinceX, you’re really a life saver!! :wink:

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Thanks so much, happy to help anytime, Good luck :slight_smile:

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Can’t believe this. I have been scouring the net for anything I can find.
hit me up, i would love to discuss, learn and help if possible ! thanx


Ok soooo, I have a question.
About a year ago I had a Santa Muerte Statue, and she broke on her altar. I know that having a broken Santa Muerte statue is bad ( From the research I’ve done). I ended up throwing her out (Respectfully) and purchased a new one, How ever the new one that I bought was also broken when I took it out of the box, So I ended up throwing that away as well, keeping in mind im going to buy another one. This happened about 2 weeks ago, and a few days ago the entire box (with the statue) showed up in my room again, in the same spot i had her in. What exactly is she trying to tell me? :frowning:

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Welcome @Distrait. Please take a moment to introduce yourself in our New Magician and Introductions area, and tell us a bit about yourself and any magical experience you may have. It is a rule of this forum.

That’s a sign she won’t work with you.


Hi, I’m new to this and would like to work with Santa muerte. But I’m not sure of the prayer to use for her to get in contact with her? I don’t have a statue yet but I plan on getting one to make an altar

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Hi @Jdig Welcome to BALG :slight_smile:

To save time for you, I highly suggest you get a book instead of searching and collecting information. There are many hq material published about her.

The best book I found is called “the grimoire of santa muerte” :

You can get it from Amazon or search Google. Can’t share it here because it’s against the rules. Easy to find. You don’t need a statue to start working with her. Can use a picture ( printed or a drawing ) or a sigil. Whatever is easier or possible for you to use at the moment. If you’re planning to get one… there are tons of beautiful statues for her on Amazon.

The book I mentioned provides all prayers and rituals. There are also many threads about her here in the forum if you wish to research before contacting her.

She’s very powerful goddess/saint and could be tough to work with to be honest… but very kind, loving and caring. My personal favorite and still work with her all the time.

Please don’t forget to post an introduction about yourself, this is a requirement for all new members. You can do it here :

Also please don’t forget to check forum rules :