Easy way to contact spirits?

Hello there, i’m a new to this occult things, the point is i’m a big fan of self-improvement and i read some posts of the user ‘Fire’ about using spirits help, now i did some research on this topic and now i’m more confused , because i live in a culture that there will be a lot of pain in my as$ if someone found out what i’m doing, so

  1. how in this world do you contact spirits without any equipment or just using “normal” equipment ?
    2.is drawing sigils required for contacting spirits ?
    3.instead of sigils, can i just write their name in Hebrew?
    4.instead of drawing sigils, can i just visualize it ?, do i need to reach some certain level of visualisation ?
    5.how can i develop the ability of channeling telepathically whataver i want ?

and thank you :slight_smile:


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Honestly you will find anything by typing evoking spirit on the forum.

But concerning me I don’t have anything special at all. Enn and sigil. They want to come, they will, they don’t, they don’t.

In my case they always come when I call they never refused anything I asked… So to me having accessories and everything is really not that important.

The only time I could use some things is when I want to do a “thank” ritual. That’s it


Lamps or lightbulbs may be used for contacting entities, but only if they’re colored, which makes them a bit less normal; it’s also necessary to shield the light a bit in order to avoid that it’s too intense.
An author of Magick wrote that sometimes it’s possible to build the magical circle with a powerful concentration. In the “astral temple” option this is brought to completeness, and the direct/mental magic even dispense with all that.
Perhaps at first sigils are necessary, so to attune with the right “frequency”; visualizing them or writing a spirit’s name in Hebrew may be fine as well.

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@Void7 For you I’d recommend getting a copy of The Angels of Alchemy by Damon Brand if you’re really into self-improvement and you wish to contact spirits for assistance. No need for equipment, the sigils are in the book, and you can use them straight from the book without having to trace or draw them. And it’s beginner friendly. Obviously the spirits listed in this book are angels. The rituals are effective when worked correctly. And the book is affordable. It’s also available in Kindle format, which means you can work the rituals from your phone or Kindle, etc (more private and portable).


Hiya OP! I’m a bit of a weirdo, so my advice might not work for you specifically, but this is how I respond to your questions IME:

  1. You close your eyes, shut your mouth, and breathe through your nose while thinking about listening to and timing your breaths. These thoughts will eventually go away as you become more aware of the cycles of your body, because thought is just a sense and for the best reception and response time to new messages you need to have a clear inbox. Stretch your consciousness by searching for the energetic texture of the Spirit you’re looking for, and when you feel like you’ve found it, try to talk to it using controlled thoughts and synchronized breathing. There’s no such thing as a ‘range’ to be out of, but reception drops if you experience other thoughts or get interrupted, and sometimes it’s hard to hear certain Spirits clearly. Its the true ‘telephone game’!

  2. Nope! Sigils are only representative of the Spirit at their time of conveyance, AKA using old sigils means using old operating systems. If you don’t have the capacity to store sigils of Spirits, you might want to try forgoing them altogether unless disposing of them as part of a spell.

  3. Nope! :slight_smile:

  4. You can do that, and while you don’t have to put any points into your energetic resolution, it is possible, and the most natural and easy to use seems to be textureized visualization, AKA letting your body feel what your mind thinks. The thought is just a sense so really this cooks apart to inducing a mild synaesthesia-like state of crossing smell, touch, hearing, and even taste with thought and sight. It’s super strange to get used to, but when you do, it’s actually really relaxing! :slight_smile:

  5. ‘Channeling whatever you want’ isn’t something I can comment on in any particular fashion, but what I’ve said up above could be considered a kind of telepathy. :slight_smile:

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