Did they accept my pact?

Smol_Summoner i’m a girl too…lol! Bro…Chick…Dude…lol i’ll be more aware Sol sister :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Hehe , its fine … Pm me if ya want to talk to me more :smile:

Sorry how do I do that? New here

Idk lol , here hold on a sec … I’ll see if I can figure it out

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@Lucienne you have only been a member of this forum for a day so you do not have the ability to send private messages yet. It is restricted for new members by the system until you reach a certain threshold of activity by posting, giving likes, starting topics, etc. If a member send a message, you can reply to it, but you cannot initiate.

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Aaaah you don’t know the new thing…?? Lucifer is not a Demon…!! :woman_facepalming:

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Lucifer has got to be the most patient entity interacting with humanity in recent times. I once read this one woman’s experience who “discovered” Lucifer is really a female and that the patriarchy is the only reason we associate him with being male. Now we’ve got people who know that he’s not a demon at all. He also apparently has at least a few twin flames waiting to be married to him. And he still manages to keep a sense of humor and loves those of us who seek him…

Hail Lucifer! Thank you for your patience and love! :cry::pray:


Indeed I wouldn’t be so patient if I was an eternal being… I hardly have any patience now…!

Love and Light and Rainbow Unicorns


How did u call lucifer

"First, most assume that a pact is simply a written contract between the sorcerer and a spirit. All of the terms of the agreement are laid out in the pact, and so the magician needs to be very careful with how he words things, and hopefuly he can trick the spirit into giving him what he wants, and he might even break free before the phantom can do him too much harm.

"In reality, when we are talking about pacts, what we’re really talking about are relationships.

"Throughout most of human magickal evolution, the sorcerer would retreat to a place of power, or simply to an isolated location, where he would supplicate to a specific demon, god, or spirit, sometimes performing ceremonies for days or weeks before the first sign of the entity began to manifest.

"Once the magician had materialized his specific devil or deity, he would then devote himself to learning from that being.

"What all of this required was an ability to thrust himself into the ecstacy of the communion with the entity so deeply and so intimately that the conscious mind would eventually retire from its insistence that the mundane senses are the pathway of experience, and thus gain access to another set of senses entirely.

“As magick was imported into the stuffy praxis of Christianity, all of the passion was removed, all of the intimacy was shamed, and the depth of the relationship was instead replaced by stale, written words and obligatory concessions.”

E.A. Koetting



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Generally speaking, your doubt about whether or not the pact has been accepted can stand in the way. I’d say if you didn’t get a clear “no” then it’s a “yes”. Take it from there.

He’s both angel and demon

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We need to start from the basics it seems. All Demons and Gods have both light and dark sides. I won’t speak for Angels cause I don’t work with them, their energy is disgusting to me. I’m not really in the mood to argue what Demons were are or will be but yea you get the point I hope.

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I agree.

I don’t waste my time in worrying about such things, because no one truly knows, but everybody seems to think they do, and they get really touchy if you contradict them. I use the terms angels and demons simply for ease of communication and I judge spirits based on how their energy feels to me, and nothing more. I don’t care one bit about what spirit is really this and what spirit is really that. It’s a useless debate that accomplishes exactly nothing.

For example, I disagree quite a lot with people who categorize demons as “ancient gods,” because I have seen no historical evidence for it beyond a few references to Baal as a Canaanite storm god, and I think generalizing that to include every demon is going too far, but if other people want to believe that, it affects my magick not in the slightest. Same thing goes for whether Lucifer is an angel or a demon. It affects nothing, beyond maybe how you decide to approach him.


@DarkestKnight To disagree with something it’s most welcomed, it means healthy discussion for me and exchange of opinions. Something that might or might not lead on picking some new informations and perspectives you never thought before.
That is totally different than trying to force your opinion on others. This is totally not appreciated. And no I’m not referring to @Smol_Summoner, it’s just something I see too often lately in here especially from newcomers. Anyway, still not in the mood to argue lol


I’m sorry, yes, debate is good, and I have engaged in quite a few on this forum. I didn’t mean to imply it wasn’t. I was simply referring to the fact that, whether someone else is right or wrong about the nature of the various spirits, does not affect whether my magick works or not, that’s all. You do the weird, and the weird happens :slight_smile:

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Oh no no I understood what you meant, no need to apologise! I agree with you!

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If you were an eternal being you’d act like a moderator/admin here :joy:
“Please,go to the lobby and introduce yourself first” :wink:
Strike one :grin:


But…but…I do that already :joy: