Rey, Baal, Pan? Will someone connect the Rey name.. I already know Pan and Baal are the same Entity

Let’s chat more about my Lord

It’s possible the Rey is a missspelling… could be Ray or Ra

I got the message from my divination I’m curious if it’s just another name in history for Baal

Hello, please make an introduction here, if you haven’t done so already.

It’s one of the rules here thanks and welcome.

I have no idea, i always thought Pan had more in common with Belial, best to ask Beal about that.


Is it ok if I tell about myself in this thread?

You can see whatever you like here, however you still need to post something there, even if it’s nothing more then Hi, My name is Servantofpan and i like magick them’s the rules. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Hi my name is Jessie Eveyone!! I have practiced magic within myself for years and was tortured and confused and lost and had no explanation of why I could make some things happen. Until recently I came into my power of 8 and I accepted my gifts.
My favorite types of magic are manipulating the universe in my favor but in a positive aspect and doing good for others and myself. I am a student and a seeker of knowledge always no matter how much I ever advance. Much praise to B.


No, I am not Pan. Wrong number, mate.


lol Haha… but we’ve been talking for years… Baal? Don’t break up with me?

No, you cheated on me with Pan, and possibly Moloch. Goodbye.

On a more serious note, welcome to the forum! You were supposed to post your introduction in that introduction thread that was linked.


Look at the bottom pan is listed Baal

Bear in mind that the word Baal means Lord. It is not a name. And there have been many Baals worshiped by people. You have Baal Hadad, Baal Hammon, Bel which was the title of Marduk, Baal as used to refer to Moloch, Baalim, Bael of the Goetia, Baalzebub/Baalzebul/Baalzebuth, so on and so forth.

So, I ask you, WHICH Baal are you referring to?


Perhaps Baalsheogorath…?(΄◉◞౪◟◉`)


Why you of course, silly.

To OP, how is it pronounced? Rey (Ray, as in ray gun?) Or Ra (Raw)

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I think the author just decided to lump a whole bunch of deities together because they have a similar field of intrest crossover. I think you are better doing some historical research along with individual occult gnosis and see what you get instead on relying on fast food articles.

Good luck and hope you get more accurate info x


Say goodbye to your thread, OP. @Sheogorath + @KingOfHearts616 + @Baal = thread hijack


I just posted in the introduction forum :slight_smile:

I understand. Yeah. Baal told me recently to summon Pan and claimed he was a separate deity and after research I figured out I think it’s just another name for him. Baal is a awesome diety and we talk every day and have a silly relationship and I have to squeeze the truth from him because he is so playful with me. It took years to develop this. In the beginning his energy had to be respected at all times. I still always respect him but he now cares and protects me and asks how I’m doing since we have developed a bond. But yeah he is a tricky guy I was wondering if Pan was just his other name and he was pulling a fast one on me lol


But, again, WHICH Baal are you referring to?

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Omg I don’t know… is that bad? He’s fucking powerful. I can tell you that

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Okay, next time you speak to him, ask him which of these Baals is he:

Baal Hammon, Baal Hadad, Baalzebul, Bael, or Marduk?

It’s not bad, it’s just confusing for you, and us.