Help me become a God of Sadness

When I was in complete despair I believed it stregthenedwarrior my magic but I think it just made it seem that way because my emotions were so high. Might wanna think back at what magic you did while you were in your state of depression from the past and count the results see if you actually we’re more powerful or if ou felt it because you were finally enjoying somthing in the act o casting because everything else in life was so miserable.
I think you might love the emotional state of empowerment the hightened sense of allenotions more then the state you were actually in.

To want o be a god of despair I understand you want to control the emotion not suffer from it but without the suffering from it will you even get the feeling of such empowered emotion.

So if you were a god of despair doesn’t that mean you would be one to just make others suffer and you would do it for the purpose of spreading despair and taking joy in watching other suffer, if you follow this path I can only see you becoming somthin you don’t want to be.

Test yourself and see if you get joy from other suffering check out a Gore thread on 4chan. Org
It should either way be a resource you could use toward emerging yourself into your disired state

So yea please don’t ask for help from and go that also works in madness make sure our clear to the gods you ask for help that you need to keep your mind a focused machine.

An idea or a place to go to get a large dose would be a slaughter house the animals definitely feel despair as they wait for death listening to it’s friends die.

I can say I’ve felt the power o a negative emotion befor without feeling the negativity associated with it and it was empowering and invigorating I can understand why you would want to tap into that.

Another idea would be to do the white board method or cleansing your negativity but instead of erasing the chosen word you write it overlapping in every color you can find then do an affirmation to bond your self with your board.

That’s some deep inside.

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If after hearing all this, you still think it’s a good idea to be a god of despair, Eva was kind enough to provide a proven 40 day path to getting there.

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To anyone else wanting to comment on this thread telling me it’s a bad idea:
I have since delved into this more and under the guidance of my Higher Self/Soul, I have discovered that this is an application of my souls purpose and highest magical functions.
I am a spirit of Mind and Interpretation, meaning, it is within my abilities to feel love and interpret it as hate. To feel hate and interpret it as love. To feel sadness and interpret it as joy. To conduct alchemy, turning lead into gold by convincing the lead that it already is gold, thus altering its function and behavior as a substance.
I am doing just fine, and as I’ve said in the thread, sadness is not my entire focus.


Lilith works with the winds of plague, that almost sounds like what your looking for… it’s not talked about very much but you could petition her about it.

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This is the first time I think I’ve seen someone actually try to become a living god on this forum. It’s about time someone takes the initiative

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Welcome @LowSkillGods It is a rule of this forum for all new members to properly introduce themselves, so PLEASE CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW and tell us about yourself and any experience you may have in magick, such as what you practice, how long you have practiced, areas of interest, etc:


You have barely been here ten days. This is far from the first time.


I love this too

I love using hopelessness and depression in my craft. It gives my workings an extra layer.

Not an outside spirit, just yourself. My recommendation is self reflection and meditation.

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OP made it clear that is was an aspect he/she is seeking, not an entire lifestyle.

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OP, I would pm you, but I can’t. This is some really simple, yet powerful stuff. It’s funny that so many people here are bashing it. I’ve been doing what you’re doing for some time now, i.e., automatically processing negative energy into positive energy. :grinning:

Actually, nvm. No need to get tied up into this topic again.

I understand what you mean by this.
I often experience emotions two sided.
When I think of someone I love, I also feel pain and sadness, because inside my head I see a scenario where for example I die and the people I love are mourning. Up to the point where my heart feels like it’s about to be ripped apart by the pain they are feeling -inside my head.

The thing is, if you give in to that, the pain will slowly devour all the other feelings and there will be nothing else left.
You said you don’t need anyone else telling you it’s a bad idea. But I think there are lots of different goals and plans being thrown together in this thread, and you’re missing the point.

If you truly become a God of Sadness, that ability:

…will fade away.

Dear Humanity; we regret being alien bastards. We regret coming to Earth. And we most definitely regret that the Corps just blew up our raggedy-ass fleet!

In all seriousness though, becoming an avatar of despair seems like it would be very unhealthy. I’d start with invoking the presence of all the worst tragedies ever to occur in human history, as a starting point. Then I’d invoke the collective nihilism of the younger generations, and move on from there.

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No one is “giving” in. We just automatically process negative events that were going to occur anyway into positive.

We are not doing this; we are just using it as an aspect of ourselves. At least this is what I think OP is doing; I know this is what I do.

Forgive me my choice of words. :roll_eyes:
I guess you did not get what I was trying to say at all. :+1:

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You missed the next sentence where I gave a signpost of a good place to start if he wanted to embody despair as a force/concept that he has command over.

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Go to the astral, make a temple in various areas warded from being altered by the very nature of the astral/mental and make Thoughtform priests to worship you as one and spread your faith around the astral plane.


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I get it. I totally agree with your first paragraph; it hits me deeply. I disagree with the 2nd paragraph. Imo, one can easily go in and out of negative energy if they are properly grounded and have mastered self control. In that case, I actually agree with you for the majority of people, as most people may not be on that level.