Am I having a sexual relationship with a spirit and/or demon?

I had asked him for a sexual spirit partner in the past, as per E.A.'s suggestions in his video. Belial seemed to reluctantly agree to this in my understanding.

Anyways, I received one that was definitely NOT what I expected nor wanted, but it was his way of getting me to listen to his side of the argument and made me think deeply about the implications of such and have more respect for myself and the said spirits I may call for such in the future. He has a no-nonsense way of teaching!! :smiling_imp:

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He most certainly does.

But wait, how did it all end with your sexual spirit partner? Considering that it wasn’t what you expected.

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I don’t have one anymore, as I was using that to mask my pain and it was holding me back from the actions I needed to take to further my alchemy/magickal progress. That’s not to say I’m not allowed to have one, it’s just better if I focus on the big picture first.


Thats what he taught me. The Bigger Picture. Do not focus on the spirit partner or girl, but rather on your own life and what you want what you desire. When all is said and done, the right “partner” will enter your life that “fits,” your own unique mold that will make you happy. This is operating from the higher end of the spectrum of The Source


Hey, I’m so glad that you had shared your descriptions of some of his forms. The reason is because I thought that maybe I was crazy and kind of making up some silly stuff when I saw him in my head space. He has three different forms that he’s shown me so far. One of them is that huge black Minotaur showing off his dick. And in a way kind of looks like a gargoyle. I thought maybe I was just making it up because I used to have a huge lady boner crush on a cartoon character by the name of Goliath from the show gargoyles when I was a kid.
And I had just recently started getting back into the show and getting all nostalgic period and found an image of Goliath drawn in great detail, so I thought I was just cruising on some wish-fulfillment thoughts.

Anyway thank you so much for sharing it was very helpful… I now know that if I’m crazy, that is not an indication of such. ( also I think that he was using that form with me to see if I would still have sex with him and that form… The answer is yes)


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Lol ok I will try again… This is my first time on a forum I’m usually a lurker on any forum but the reply that I’m replying to got me out of my shell. Anyway I guess I should just reply to Timothy’s post? Because I couldn’t figure out where/how to post on a thread…

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Yes. just reply to the first post.

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@Lady_Eva Would belial know things about you even if you didn’t tell him

Yes, when I first met him he was addressing a very specific thing about me to see if I passed his test. He knew me better than I knew myself at that stage, at least about that specific thing.


Wait I’m not in a pact w belial but I think I’ve been talking to him via thoughts (it’s mostly about sex tho -_- ) can you ask him if I really was talking to him


Done: yes you are, BUT you need to somehow project your thoughts with more focus, passion, intensity - he mimed an image of holding a hand to his ear, like someone trying to hear a faint sound.

So something in your outgoing comms is not “loud” enough - maybe you’re uncertain, or maybe you jumble what is meant to be addressed to him with your own train of internal thought.

Maybe sometimes speaking aloud, when you have privacy to do so, will also help - there is power in the spoken word.

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Thx can you ask him if he wants to help me with my spell

And I’m getting the feeling he is ok with so online other than blood as an offering could you verify pls or someone

I gotta hand it to you – you’re original. Most people your age would go on tinder and slut-up. But you are going to the spirit world for some action. I must say I am impressed.

And I’m not being sarcastic here; I mean it.

A little tip: getting other people to ask their spirit if it indeed spoke to you is a bad idea. Why? Because different spirits can go under the same name. You could have spoken with Belial for sure, but it might not be the same Belial as someone else’s, even though they might share the same power.

Just how there are many Johns out there, there are many Belials. I fail to see why spirits would be an exception from this. This strange pseudo-soft polytheism prattle how it’s all just different aspects is bullshit as far as I’m concerned.

Thx but how did you know how old I ws

When I read this, I saw Belial miming the hearing thing to me very clearly, I don;t always run messages like this but it;s what happened. make of it what you like but I am certain of what i saw.

You need to put in the work, that’s for sure, and commit yourself, be bold.

Can you reword this? I’m not quite sure as to what you mean. When you read what I wrote, he made a gesture that he’s eavesdropping or what?

Kind of obvious, don’t you think?

Wait technically your can’t get mixed up with spritits with spirits by the same name if you have their sigil…

Not that simple. Years of misuse of a sigil can lead to other entities latching onto it. There’s also the question of whether or not the sigils you find in the grimoires are veritable. The authors of the grimoires omitted their work a lot, and you can’t really trust it too much. Oh, sure, it can work. But then, so can evoking Deadpool.

Your best bet? Do what the old shamans did or use orations as described in some of the earlier grimoires (Hygromanteia, Book of Oberon, etc). Or even how the Greeks did it in the PGM.

Research, orations, protection, blessings from your Patron(s). You won’t go wrong, I think.