Keep seeing the same numbers

For some reason i keep on seeing the same numbers 11:11 or 1:11 or 222 and i saw one not long ago saying 999. Note : its not everyday i see the same numbers over and over but its happening more frequently so i wonder if it means anything and i see the number 1 the most. Any help would be nice

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Hi there. Welcome milki. You need to make a formal introduction to the forum before you can post! Good luck!

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And to answer your question seeing numbers in multiples usually signify Angelic messages. 111, 1111, 333, etc. They all have different meanings but it is a sign that you are on the right path and your Angel guides are sending you massages.

I’ve been seen 111 and 1111 for the past two decades. I’ll wake up in the middle of the night and turn to look at the clock and its 1:11 am. It has been happening daily since I was a teenager.

Look up some information about numerology and multiple number correspondences.

i’ve done my introduction :smiley:

Thank you for helping. This also may sound weird but ive took a interest in lucifer and everytime i do research about him i start to feel heat around my back like i am right now. I sound mental don’t i? lol

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YW. And, nope not at all. Sounds like you may just have yourself a connection. It is very common for members to physically “feel” entities on their person. I would do a bit more research on Lucifer and learn more about him. This might be the start of something beautiful.

Thank you for understand. Do you know sources for information ?

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Yes. This well known search engine called google! Lolol
Or even do a search on this site. You will find tons of info here.

i would use google lol but yk there will probably be a lot of false information so ima just use this forum

Well basic numerology stuff is pretty consistent from site to site. But yes always do your due diligence; even when researching this forum. There are a lot of members with varying opinions and beliefs. Devour all knowledge you can find but be sure to be discerning and make up your mind for yourself.

Remember, this is your journey and your journey alone.

Thank youu

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