Musical/ Singing help through Phenix/ Phenex

I have been reading Gordon Winterfield’s Demons of Magick and I have practiced the second ritual 2 times to evoke Phenex / Phenix to help me become a great singer but I’m still unable to do so. I feel extremely tired after the rituals and during the rituals I feel nothing but itchiness due to standing still for a long time. Please help me as I’m a complete beginner. There is no improvement in my voice even though I’m practicing daily

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Gargle warm salt water and do warm up excercise try phynix again as well if you can’t hear him use other means of communication also always remember to give permission to open up that telapatic space in your head so I can hear him if you hear a child like voice or singing then you did it right other wise I feel like you succeed this rite but try it again to be sure other means of communication

Pendallum (free swinging object chain)


Divination (fire water air earth tarot cards etc.)

Auto write with blind fold on

There are others but these are my favorite ways

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Can you please explain more clearly about the other ways. I tried to contact him but whenever I do I feel exhausted and tired after the ritual

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Being tired is normal I get that way myself sometimes these are the best ways to go honestly for communication…just don’t call more then one at a time I made that mistake when I was new and slept for days lol smh try to do it again and use a pendallum or a free swinging necklace wash it in warm salt water to get rid of impurities do your set up make sure your using the right color candles once you start you hold the necklace in your thumb and index finger hold it still ask a question if it swings it’s yes if it don’t then it’s a no it’s my favorite way to communicate even tho I can hear them in my head since I gave permission

That’s amazing. But may I perform the same ritual today. I do the second evokation ritual of DoM by Gordon Winterfield. I have done it already two times for two days and still got no results or response instead of being tired and feeling to vomit. Should I continue? Please try to help me because I’m a complete beginner. Thank you for assisting me

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If your feeling sick you should take a break and know all these things you feel are normal try to sit and meditate to some bineral beats a 777-530 hrz for a while you can find them on YouTube keep phynix sigil by you at all times Durning this process relax and drift into the music if you start feeling numb or vibrations don’t worry it’s part of the process to either astral travel or open your senses more you can call out to phynix once your done with just the sigil and pendallum as long as the sigil is open if not

You Starr at it til the symbols flashes or moves it may flash in a colors and it’s very quick start at it like you would a lover or a friend’s.

Hold the pendallum over the sigil ask…

Phynix are you here/there

If it moves then yes if not no

Make sure you stay in that relaxed state and try not to feel doubt or anxious you will get it always tell your self when you feel down time was not built in one day and keep trying this actually applies to anything you do

You can do it take your time and have faith

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