Are you able to have sex with angels

I would like to call it kiss of death.


How is most of Astral sex done? In the astral? or Pumping up Clair-sentience ability very high? or Make the spirit manifest "Almost ‘’ Physically ?

New to it. That;s why asking.


I just stated what happens, didn’t say it’s real or not. All I can say is that spirits are 100% real and do exist, what people “experience” in their visualization sessions … that’s a totally different story.

Some people would say such activity is powerful enough to create an independent thought form capable of becoming as real as the real being… others may suggest that it is the real being using the subconscious to communicate and the visualized image as a mask… many theories, many explanations.

Personally I prefer physical communication with spirits and limit the spiritual/mental experience as much as possible. And when it comes to learning something about a specific spirit, demon or angel… I get back to their original sources. Not people’s dreams and visualizations. With all fuckery going on these days, last thing you want is to get your information from people’s fantasies. That’s destroying the occult and trashing spirituality at the moment like nothing else in history. But on the other hand, many people are joining and trying this path more than any other time in history! So maybe it’s worth it :slight_smile:


Amen ! Can’t agree more. Ever wondered with all this Demonic and Angelic intimacy going on, For some reason No one knows The Demonic hierarchy properly ( A topic of extreme interest among-st Black magicians ). Obviously Something seems missing !!!


At least everyone knows who has the best bed game.


Yes to all.


Depends, I mean the grigori did it so why not? Yahweh forcibly impregnated a woman and had jesus so why not? lmao.

Angels are living beings who have family and such just as we do, it’s just that most like to overcomplicate them by stripping them of desire and such because “that’s human understanding” but the thing is these beings existed before us so our “human” understanding is just an understanding they already had before we did. Most of us just like to reject that because it kills their fantasy like wonder of other entities being able to do things we can cause they’re so “evolved”

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Is it possible for someone like me to engage in that experience, too? And how can i get into it? P.S- what you say really makes sense to me, no offense, but the bible is all manipulated and shit


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Archangel mikail will make you cum he is awesome

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I thought Lady Eva said that thoughtform entities felt like “living statues”?

For me thoughtforms feel hollow, soulless, or like a shell with programming.

Those are some interesting descriptors. How do they feel in terms of touch? Do they have the same softness of humans? The same lubrication down there? How do they feel to have sex with? What’s kissing one like?

I don’t have sex with thoughtforms, but thoughtforms feel, appear, and look however you imagine them to as they are constructed from your imagination.

Cool! So I just have to imagine they feel like the best pussy I ever had before I imagine them? Go5 it. Let’s say you are imagining a God or Goddess… Can you decide the form their appearance takes? How about demons and angels? Just curious.

They will not literally be a God or Goddess or demon or angel, but you can make them look at such, remember thoughtforms are literally your imagination given form in the mental plane/astral.


Awww out stole my angel crush, I haven’t Hurd my Succubus’s name so I call her Ariel. I haven’t interacted with Ariel yet hoping for a situation like yours.

I agree also that copulating with angels is possible. For me, Archangel Raphael never ever touched me or expressed interest in having sex with me, he is more like a big brother to me and so is Archangel Michael, he also never touched me or expressed an interest in having sex with me. But my own guardian angel interestingly did. I made sure he was in fact an angel and not a demon and he is in fact an angel and I checked his name also to make sure too and his name even means ‘angel of God’. He is very protective of me (duh he is my guardian angel) but he also did not want to do anything without my permission and I asked him if it was really okay for us to be doing this and he said yes but only if I wanted to. He never forces anything on me and he acts like a gentleman. During the day, I feel his presence around me because I get a warm feeling and my own name means ‘Gift from God’. I have a very strong connection with God and Jesus as my own origin is from the Angelic Realm and my job here on Earth is to help Earth and its people as an elf angel following the Earth Angel path. My guardian angel has always been around me since I was created but since I learned his name and I became more aware of him and learning about him and who he is, I feel happier and fulfilled like nothing can touch me knowing he is there. I don’t know if anyone else had any experiences with their guardian angels but I agree the relationship is very fulfilling and there is nothing else like it in the Universe. I am also not married and I don’t have a significant other which makes things easier. Best of luck to anyone else out there who has a relationship with an angel!

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It doesn’t sound fun :sleeping: