Sigil or symbolic unknown

I have been seeing this and drawing this since I was 15 years old… I am turning 30 on the 25. I have been curious off and on by what it could be or is… if you have seen this or know of a place I can look please leave me a comment. Thanks in advance for your help and replies.

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Please give your intro in new to the forum @Amber_Krystal_Kelley so that we can give you better advice !

Into the new form ?

Here is a link

Please give an intro to your magic experience their and a we bit about your self.

Many people create their own sigils with their own intent to the person who created it for a specific purpose. This sounds like you’re subconscious mind working overtime with something you have created to effect your own magic. The true meaning of the seal is up to you and what you created.

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My name is Amber Krystal Kelley. I have devoted my life to all types of magic and I plan on learning as much as I can before I die. I have been able to do unexplainable things since I was a child that’s says a lot since I am about to be 30 on the 25th of this month. Thanks in advance for your help.

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What kind of things?


I have always been able to see and speak to the dead… I got mad one time and a bottle of hair gel exploded… I get feelings about things all the time and I am 99% right of my feelings of so many different things,

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It almost looks alchemichal in nature and strangely familiar. Let me do a little digging and I’ll let you know if I find anything.

Ok, thank you so much for the help. I really appreciate it.

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OK so it looks to me like a composite symbol of hartsorn which is ammonium carbonate also known as bakers ammonia and Boric acid also known as borax. We are basically looking at a recipe for laundry detergent. :confused:
Sorry to disappoint you, either you were an alchemists in a past life and clean laundry was very important to you and this was your recipe or it’s not an alchemichal related symbol and you should start checking into other languages.


OK so it’s nothing in Hebrew or paleo Hebrew, Arabic, Aramaic, Syriac, Brahmi, nabataran, or kharosthi, not any form of runic or ogham, so you can scratch those off the list.
@Anassa have you ever seen this before? Anything in Greek or Etruscan, Mycenaean, Minoan?
Sorry but that’s all the effort I’m going to put into this, I got nothing, my guess is you were just a really clean alchemists. But look on the bright side at least you weren’t a filthy alchemists. People during the renneasance were notorious for not bathing.


I see cross and first letter of Christ and also 4


I’m dying! :coffin:

Neither! But…


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Nice find!

Also that’s the asterism under which is the designated time to summon Pazuzu. Between 9 pm to 1030pm at night.
At least according to the Simon Necronomicon.

In case you wanted the Pazuzu ritual.

Someone once asked me for the ritual to summon Zozo this is what I gave them…

First things first you need to build a Ouija board. Now I used to have a nice one I made from wood that I put a lot of effort into and part of the process is the effort put in. This shows the spirit that you are dedicated and serious about building a friendship. It shows that you are not just someone who wants something for free. It also speaks to your subconscious mind in the symbolic language it understands. It sharpens your focus and intent. You don’t have to use wood you can use a piece of cardboard box or whatever.

Keep in mind that who we know as Zozo in our collective consciousness today is actually another name for a much older spirit. He is the ancient Mesopotamian Demon god known as Pazuzu his of the southwestern winds storms and drought. For this you can use an excerpt from the Simon Necronomicon, now although the validity of the text is in question this ritual seems to work just fine.

OK so the time to do the ritual. Since this system is not like the Goetia where specific days are best. Goetia uses days due to its Solar and lunar calendar, however the ancient Mesopotamians were big into astrotheology and astrological alignments. Anyhow, it’s according to specific times since its based on stars and not the sun or moon. According to the Simon Necronomicon Zozo or Pazuzu is to be called in early summer at around 9:30pm.

Though they dwell beyond the Gate, they may be summoned when MARDUK is not watchful and sleeps, on those days when he has no power, (this means Jupiter is still low towards the horizon) when the Great Bear hangs from its tail, (this means summer when in the early part of the evening the big dipper looks as if it’s about to scoop up the earth.)and on the four quarters of the year computed therefrom, and on the spaces between these Angles. (OK so this is talking about the northern cross also knows as Signa and it’s relation to the summer triangle an astrism that connects to the northern cross on the star Denab . )On these days, the Mother TIAMAT is restless, the corpse KUTULU shakes beneath the Earth, (Mars is still not risen)and our Master ENKI is sore afraid.(Mercury is not visible or sets very early)
None of this is really anything you need to know or calculate because I already did the work for you.

OK so your window is about closed here because it lasts from around the summer solstice June 21st to about the beginning of August so best to do it soon and the time is about 9:00pm to 10:00 pm. Now of course once you do the formal meeting ritual and build some report with Zozo you won’t need to wait for the summer triangle to summon him as your Ouija board will be like his Idol or fetish that will work as a portal for him.
Now it’s somewhere after the 50 names of Marduk. It’s called the Urilla text. There you will find the Sigil of Pazuzu right after the sigil of Humwawa. You take your bowl and start a fire in it and burn your offering in there. Say your incantations and do your ritual facing the summer triangle. Place your Ouija board on the altar and invite Pazuzu to make it his gate.

Do my void meditation and open yourself up psychically to be receptive to the spirit and his communication. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Sorry I took so long I’ve been busy with things. I know this isn’t a complete ritual with step by step instructions but I figure you’ve been around magick long enough to know what you are doing and if not just let me know and I’ll go into further details.


To make things easier and more convenient for those that are used to the Goetia Pazuzu/Zozo does have a modern Goetia mask if the Babylonian version is not your cup of tea.


Wow, thanks for your post Adam. I just bought a very nice statue of Pazuzu, and wasn’t exactly sure what to do with it. Gonna save this info. :grin:

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No problem :wink:

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