Nitika's sigil problem

Hello everyone
I’m worried about the sigil of Nitika I’ve made.

is there any problem that I make it like that or I should make new.

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The sigil appears to be in Hebrew, do you read or understand Hebrew? Can you translate the sigil from Hebrew into understandable english or is this something you downloaded from online?

I saw it into the Damon Brand’s book
“Magickal cashbook”

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It looks fine @yaminicky

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Oh wow, you still haven’t answered my question, do you read or understand Hebrew? Do you understand what the sigil means? If not and you don’t understand Hebrew there are many danger points in trying to use something magically that you do not understand and when you are relying on someone else’s work, they may have created something with a completely different intent then what they have stated.

In looking over the sigil I wouldn’t have a clue as to what Brand is going about as I haven’t been to Hebrew school and do not understand Hebrew.

If I were you, I would create my own sigil from scratch in ENGLISH that is fully understandable to you and take it from there.

I don’t understand Hebrew and don’t know what the sigil means.
The only thing that I know is the Hebrew YHWH
Right from the centre.
My problem is that the sigil is a little bit different from the original.

It’s a proprietary seal the Gallery of Magick created through consultation with the spirit, according to their website. @yaminicky does not need to understand the Hebrew to use it, and it is unlikely to have the same effect if written in English because it is the Hebrew letters themselves that are important, not the translation. The GOM method of scanning a seal requires them.

As far as I can tell, however, the Hebrew is simply a combination of godnames, and words of power, along with the name of the spirit.

While I understand your warning, it is highly unlikely such a seal would do anything untoward. Brand and the Gallery have a very good reputation and track record. There’s far more questionable stuff being posted and used on this forum every day.

@yaminicky It is fine. You’ll never be able to get it perfect. As long as it is a reasonable facsimile, it will work.


Thank you very much😁

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