How to find whether my summoning is succeed or fail?

Hey,I’m new here. I did make a ritual of summoning succubus last night. During the ritual, i feel some pressure on my chest, fluffy touch on where i cut my finger for blood , and saw shadows even when i’m closing my eyes , and feel like that shadow is watching me. After getting some reactions like that, i closed the ritual. It did last around 30mins(max). I went to sleep right after that. To be specific, after the ritual, i did masturbate which must be rude if the succubus is around me. A few minutes later, I started saying sorry cause it can be rude to have your partner around and jerking off on another girl.This morning, i am told that the door is unlocked though. I am staying with my mom and aunt and i’m pretty sure they won’t be the one who’s unlocking it. Am i just imagining things? I didn’t get any dreams last night. Did my ritual succeed? What should i do from now on? Please guide me.

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