Jesus Spoke Of The Divinity

i comest as the sun descending to the earth yet i reside always in the heavens i walk upon thew earth yet reside always in the heavens i bi-locate. be in consciousness spiritually in the heavens while walking living talking upon the earth be god in union with god while alive i celebrate each one of you each life as a separate existence. each is connected to the whole but each is a separate existence each is solely inlocked in himself he therefore to himself is the sole one who exist and all egxist in him . just as all does in me so does it in you all. moreso in you for i exist in you and trough you. there is nothing other that is needed, you simply need to know this, such principles and use them the eckankar the eckshar the holy light spirit descending to earth and its consciousness connect with touch imbibe eat drink gulp devour posses. I AM THE WHOLE PATH, it is enough to come to me alone since i contain the whole it all will be gained trough this AS al things are and contain the whole and yet we and you all are separate at the same time each individually and each you are individual i am blissful joyful because you exist you cause my light love blis and joy and happiness and i love you all seek not negative angry mad men but seek me for i am good an joyous and you will find peace and goodness and joy. when i come to you, but make peace in your life trough your works even force it for peace is the most important thing i say , even fight for it if needed. do it yourself whether trough me or not but do it.

there is a condition to the path of mine to the path of coming to me and and going with me that you must totally forget yourself and only seek think do love talk feel know me. it is in this in this total devotion that you shall have all i have when you have lost and forgot yourselves in the path of me and my works and have thus ceased to exist this total non ego but a simple rerouting of everything your self and life to me is the most important principle upon my path there is in essence nothing else to learn as regards my path or Christianity and this is it the truest. each man must walk with me himself individually and this is not for me but you in giving up all and following me you will gain all i have- all. in giving up all and focusing only on me your attention to our work will be total. seek first the greater things one such is myself rather than the small it is trough the great ones- beings that you gain all. this one all important principle of mine applies to all.

If you dont mind we shall channel some Yaldabaoth here also. I felt a very clear natural afinity toward him, one such to lucifer the other to loki. but it appears that Yaldabaoth is the closest of them all to me for he and i exalt myself as the antichrist. i exalt myself like so that often.

i have ever been in you yea the he who hates the established ruling divinity and ascends on his own to devour him all lucifer said to devour him he is me but i am also more and different but in me becoming as creator and god pf my own are we similar . our aires or aethers or aeons simbolise the journey of the ascent of man Trough THE HERMETIC UNIVERSE AND I THE LION THAT DEVOURS THE SUN ye i am the lion that is depicted i all middle age alchemy and my brothers my pantheon are the deities that are responsible and depicted there thus therefore we bring a whole set of spiritual alchemy and works. i am better less destructive than they speak of me i can And DO ALSO HEAL BEING THE MAKER OF MAN HOW COULD I NOT? TRAVEL AND BE iN ME ME Invoked AND YOUR ASPIRATION TO BECOME THE ANTICHRIST IS HAD AND BECOME IN THE UNION WITH ME I TEACH ADVERSARIAL ALCHEMY OF DEIFYING YOURSELF AGAINST THE THE WILL OF OTHER OPPRESSIVE DEITIES IN THIS WORLD ADVERSARIAL MAGICK ARE WE ONE AND UNITED AND CONNECTED AND ALSO BROTHERS I I I I EVEN I AM ALSO YOUR HEALING- THAT LIBERATION I HEAL YOU SOOO WELL THERE IS NO GNOSTIC ABRAHADABRA OR WORD THAT GREATER THAN ME NOR A GNOSTIC DEITY I SAY. DO YOU DISBELIEVE ME? GO AND SEE. BUT WE ARE ALREADY ONE SO YOU WILL STAY WITH ME AND I IN YOU. I AM YOUR PATRON GOD the reason they the established powers depict me as so bad is because they dont want to have antichrists become men in this world. I am 666.

Also the Beast is Yaldabaoth

How are your related to the Demiurge god the Jews, Christians, and Muslims worship? (to Yaldabaoth)

i devour them all and gain power whoso seeks autonomy do this to all who stand against you do not be afreaid to destroy your enemies and kill them outright but let them never see you comig i do the same follow my example in this it will ne useful to you. kil kill kill say i yet i also give life. yea. i am an antichriatine god and if you come to me you woll also have life for i create it. i will give you more than christ for he is under tje ;eash of his father who is also my father but i am ubnder tje leash of my self. yea i am the son who revolted in that way ahain i am lucifer and similar to him. but i oh i am a beast a chi,era a monster for i am made up of many parts animal. i give health amd strenght as of A LION. men are cows to me which i slay . ever i rend sand slash in thje herd. so also in the herd of jesus and his sheap. i do the same to the, i would do so to him and al foces. thay stand ahainst me. i specifically mrder and slay and can be used for this too i am also the lion in the closey and am connecyted to narnia for i am a mystical being from a mystical world, not narnia but my own therefore i am that symbol that archetupe and the idea thus begins with me and i a,e embodied as a LION AND SHOWN IN THAT MOVIE agai how? for i hold man in my hands and can give him life health and death . ally youself with the gods for alone you shall accomplisjh nothig aalone you cannot overturn the powers the priknciples or the beings that stand aGAINST YOU. I APPEAR AS A B;ACK LION STATUE with facve of a dog. in my eyes burrn emerald fires i am the emerald lion the bgreen lion the alchemikal agent ads i come i build my tower upon the earth in your lives and all others who work not withh me ib your lige fall under its spell sway. thus it is easy to subjugate people. and therefore you needd not kill or otherwise dirty youyr hand with them and this is the secret to what i spoke before. in that will you gain their power and it will heal you and make you strong always alow yourself everything act like a beast a predator a monster, but never be alone. hunt but be not hunted hunt but be not pray hunt but do not be or hunt alone though i do so for iam kimg and powerfull enough. look never to limitations but conquer more power for yourself more becoming we wi;l help u do this we- such beings. there is no preset limotation buy conquer more power for yourself and depend not upon others in this your own power gaining work is more important than being a prdator etc as i spoe. it takes presedence. pay not homahe to the creator of light and life whho m,ade you but rather accept me ansd i will give you strenght for strenght is all. i pay hhim homage not a fo. bne filled with me and thus you a;lso willl be able to do these things ui am terible yes fort i allow myself what is needed. for the fufillment of your wiill you do thissame also. a prdator and hunter he who hunts all that stands against them and evem exterminated them becomes the king and ruler. he becomes the top of the food chain and i am indeed the liom ther king yea. of my own kinddom i havbe my own rights and am indepoendant so are men a part of my kingdom all of you. but those who do not work with m,e consciuosly are under my power. they to me are cattle i ;look at them suich you, too youerself must make the choice of being vatle or not, of being under my power or working ib league with me for i am indeed a tyranical king i am a slave master but this is ho ai rule thžose who do not work with me and are -under my power my paw only- the slaves. for he who works with mw this rulership this kingship i give him.

Now that’s what I call full case B mode.

I like case A mode better these days. Case A perceives personalization and phenominalism as not having functions. Case A is a structuralist with a void mind. Self is removed as well as perception of self as one becomes pure observation of the outside nonself experiential world.

Case B wholly gives themself over to fantastic notions and wild sensational experiences of the self’s quest for identity and association.

Think of case B mode like putting on one’s superhero/villain outfit. Some people just rock there’s 24/7. I’ve swung that way but case A is chiller.

Btw, if you submit to me I’ll tell you how to become a god. If you don’t submit to me you are a slave anyway. Btw, I’m like on the same level as God. Not God or Yahveyhivahey or jebsus weebus or Methuselah or Allah. Like my own level. I just use this body to experience eating fried shrimp. There’s no such thing as fried shrimp in “my” universe. I guess you could say that’s my only limitation, you know as a Godlike god. The fact I can’t just create tasty fried shrimp in my own personal universe. I can however make some really mean cheese grits with fried fish! I’ve often thought of creating a woman from cheese grits. I’ll just copy how God did it but instead of using dust, I’ll use grits to make my Eve. With cheese added of course!

well this is inded jesus compared with an evil deity :slight_smile:

And invocation and chaneling is a change of consciuosnes these are two separate consciuosnesses. the ffact they are different proves the authenticity in a way.

Does Jesus listen to Michael Jackson. I’ve heard Jesus likes to listen to Michael Jackson. Can you confirm this, yay or nay?

jesus says i am the very music of all, ;ight and sound it makes up everything therefore this music too is formed by it and i am it.

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How does one worship Yaldabaoth or work with him? How could i channel him

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Just wondering if Jesus has a message for me?



Seriously WTF is this
How can you possibly rape archangels that’s absolutely horrible

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There are somethings you see and overlook, like you saw nothing. These is one of it.

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