I am a total noob don't know what to do pls help me

Hi everyone I an pershana I totally new magician. I don’t know anything what should I do?
I mean what should I learn? what should I do?
What should I read?
I don’t have any money BTW. So pls talk about free things only.


Read books on wicca. learn candle magick, creating custom sigils for your personal goals.

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Google’s your best friend, I also suggest utilizing the search function on here, you’ll find toooons of information in just a couple of hours

As for what you should learn, that’s completely up to you, only you can decide what path you take uwu

Welcome. So for starting out with little or no money you can’t go wrong with chaos sigil magick. All you need is something to write with and some paper. For reading material on the subject I recommend AO Spare. Here is a link to a pdf. As it is out of copyright I can share it here:


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What kind of energies are you attracted/connect to?

Dark/Black? Light? Something in between? Nature? Elements? Planets?

What kind of spirits are you attracted to? If any?

The more you know about how/what you personally connect with, the more you can discover your path.