How to give offerings properly?

I only ever gave offerings of blood, sperm and incense. Can someone tell me how would i go about giving a food offering or offering a smoke? Any help is appreciated

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Properly is a very strong word. What is proper and not varies by tradition. For example, food offerings for the Celtic deities might involve burial while Egyptian gods seem to demand that you eat it. Best to ask the spirit themselves for a clear answer, as well as look at what is possible for you. As far as offerings of smoke, such as incense, declaring that it is an offering to such and such seems to do just fine.

As was stated by @C.Wilson , this will vary but some of the ways include burning an offering, letting it sit for 24 - 48 hours and then bury it. You may even toss it in a body of water or flat out leave it at the place you f.e called a spirit, or you can eat it after it’s been infused with the essene of the spirit. There are many ways to do this. But as a general rule ask the spirit and find out what kind of offering they want once you know, you’ll sometimes get an idea or an impression that you need to go to some place and when you are there you’ll inclined to burn or bury, etc. - an offering. It’s not always writ in stone unless you work with a specific type of spirits or a certain traditions that requires offerings to prepared and given in a specific way.

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Ask the spirit how they want their offerings. Usually they have me consume them so they can share the experience, but some might want something different.