Experience with LRP, LRH, Middle Pillar

Good day peeps.

I’m Sai, I have been practicing LBP, LRH, and Middle Pillar .
I need assistance to what happened to me.
After two weeks of practicing the LRP and LRH both invocation in the morning and banishing at night.
After two weeks, I went to bed at night in the middle of night, I felt a strange current passing through my body my whole body was shaking, and it felt like being electrocuted to a high voltage of electricity.
My body started to expand and I thought I was dreaming I openy eyes and saw my whole body covered with strong light ibgot scared and screamed then it stopped.

Two days after I did the LBP LRH Middle pillar before bed just I was laying down my eyes were still opened the same thing happened this current started from my head to the toes I was shaking, and my body was about to leave my bed( Levitating) I held my bed tight and the current passing and going through out my body and it stopped.

What could it be?
Psych attack? Manifestion of light etc???

I must also admit:
It has been 1year now that I have been out of work, can’t find job, sent cvs nobody calls me for interview.
My financial life has been tough, with a new born isn’t easy.
Also this month my work permit has expired.
This makes it worst or impossible to get a job.

I have made a talisman to acquire some money to get out of this situation but I have received a small amount which was used to pay rent for 3 months.

Any body here can advise me how to get out this situation? And focus in my path of learning magic?

Thank you all


It’s not a psychic attack, so don’t worry. In my opinion, it is simply your body trying to adjust to the huge amount of energy you are pumping into it. The Middle Pillar is a very powerful energy exercise, and you are opening pathways in your etheric body you haven’t used before. If I were you, I would ground out all the excess energy before going to bed. Simply touch the ground with your hands at the end of the exercise, and will all the excess energy into the Earth.


As darkest said its like the effects of the ritual. Also i would advise doing them a few hours before you plan to sleep if you can. Doing these rituals before bed can be useful in certain ways but that is after your more used to the flow of energy other wise it can keep ya up due to the body processing it.

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Thank you guys for the responses.
I there any ritual exercises, entity, spirit etc… That I can familiarise myself with to assiste me in financial stability?
I have been looking for work for a year now with no luck, it has been tough to pay rent, eat etc… How can I come out of this situation?
Could it be karmic related? Or lesson to learn from poverty? Or?
I have been doing visualisation for over 8 months with no good result, did a talisman or earth element and receive a small amount. Of money that helped me to pay rent for 3 months and have new passport.
Now I have nothing … Left
Why a life of an occultist apprentice must difficult?
Can u guys advise on what ritual, Spirit?

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The middle pillar and the others as said before, open you to amounts of energy that are affecting your astrological houses, your personality aspects, any of the three are powerful.
Analyze your birth chart and a current chart, that way you can see what will seem normal and pointers to problem areas.
Experiment with them.
See the Hebrew or other alphabetic letters at your different energy sphres. Try to move energy around in different ways. Push the pentagram to far limits of the universe while seeing yourself in that cardinal color. Use a hexagram of the day, based on the pagan workweek and in color as well of the day.


I would:

  1. Construct a honey pot.
  2. Perform a road opening ritual.
  3. Follow up with a money drawing spell using the honey pot.
  4. Go everywhere you have already looked for work, then start looking for opportunities in places you have not looked yet. Just when you think you have tried everywhere, keep looking some more. Leave your mind open to change. The road opener might not bring a job to you, for example. It might provide a new opportunity to move to a place where you can find work. It’s weird like that.

Bune and Clauneck are the most usual demons that help with wealth. Belial and Lucifer are also able to help.

Nitika is excellent for influxes of money.

For some good stuff, you can combine the Cashbook by Damon Brand and his Wealth book.

Don’t bother yourself too much with this. Overcome the problem.


You guys have wealth of knowledge in this place woow

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Just the results of practice and study nothin more :stuck_out_tongue: and the occasional failed experiments and experiments blowing up in one’s face. :rofl: but ya live,ya grow ,ya learn, then become more epic.

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Also welcome to the forum please introduce yourself here

And take a few minutes to read the rules

Also have a welcome baskets :stuck_out_tongue: may come in handy should you hit anymore road blocks.


After performing LRP, LRH and Middle Pillar, do you follow up with any ritual or process to redirect all the energy you raised ?
If I were you, and able to raise such absurd amount of energy, I’d use that to create thoughtforms and make them bring money/jobs to me.


If you do the lrp everyday you will pretty much banish everything from your life, inlcuding your job, so I suggest you stop doing it and call on Paimon or Belial to help you with a job.


In the morning I do as follow:
Middle Pillar
And at night I banish, I thought of doing what you have described above to follow with some forms of thoughts where I see myself havingvthe things that I want to change my current situation.

Thank you again for bringing the idea I will focus on it

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The LRP has two formsi invoke in the morning and banish at night along with LBRH
So you suggest that I don’t banish but only invoke or banish less and invoke more?