What does lucifer help with?

That’s often where problems occur because the Magician can’t handle that intense energy.



It was new to me at first, but I got used to it after the first time.

  1. Learn to banish and work with a sigil to get the spirit you want to connect with
  2. Learn to identity the spirit. Ask them to identify
  3. Don’t let others scare you, follow your gut feeling
    And this can mean that Daemons work better for you, but it can also mean you learn to work with Angels first.

Watch this video and look at her channel for evocation tips


Lucifer is by far an all round God .You can’t tie him down to specific set of powers .He has no limit and helps with a lot of things .
Well basically he never gives you energy you can’t handle bcoz in real terms no human being can possibly handle Lucifer .Remember emotional fear aggravates demonic power hence it may overwhelm or kill you .
Just take time ,pray to him ,have his sigil below your pillow as you sleep ,recite his enn before you sleep.Through this he’ll get your call but caution is also paramount as he is not always friendly .


I agree!


Lucifer is limitless in his abilities. While other entities might be better suited to a task, he has less limits likely because he is not demon, not angel, he is everything and yet nothing. He can also connect you to other entities if you have a bond with him.

He can do anything but in my own experience he teaches and he heals. His methods are interesting, and a few times I’ve thought " how is this relevant " but I’ve learned to trust him completely. I don’t give him full reign over my life but when I need him I trust that he won’t hurt me or harm me in any way. He has been VERY gentle.

Speaking of gentle, his energy is ridiculously intense. My eardrums felt like they would explode and my body felt as though it would evaporate. But he only gave me what I could handle. Come to him respectfully and with a purpose and don’t be afraid. If you’re afraid then you cast a negative light on him - he is not malicious. There is a huge difference between respect and fear.


I recall inadvertently saying his enn last week - it is similar to that of President Marbas and I felt something pretty much immediately.

I felt I had to apologise for calling upon him unintentionally because I’d not set up any relationship with him as yet and actually at this point I’m not someone who is ready to work with him I think.


He teaches various things, he’s what I call an all rounder spirit he doesn’t have one thing he can teach.

He’s amazing with all forms of magick, demonic rituals, prophecy, access to forbidden knowledge, elemental works, he also can help with Psychic and astral senses, he taught me amazing ways of evocation too.


Extremely powerful spirit that can do anything.


I’m a beginner and i don’t really understand what is going on here. but thing i know that i want to get in contact with lucifer or if illuminati works for lucifer i want to join them. can you please guide me through this.
I had really big problems in life and i was always thought god is by side but after getting fucked up i’ve just decided to give on him and make my new lord lucifer.
i don’t fear anything now.

Hail Lord Lucifer
may my lord accept me one day


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@mikan hello i need more help on goddess heralah

Do you feel him or hear him? I’ve not heard official verbal words.

Sure I do, all spirits when I call them.

Lucifer helps with EVERYTHING! He is god himself.