Malignant Spirit Contact?

To clarify, this has happened around 4 times already with variation.

I woke up around 4:35 am and felt as though someone was choking me by the neck. I could not breathe easily, was sweating, and heard ringing in my ears. Several times I felt weightless and a floating sensation.

I heard the following words in what I can only describe as a voice similar to a black metal singer: “See me as a male witness… consider my male form as a warning.” The talking continued to get faster and more distorted until I could no longer understand.
From there, I had an out of body experience where I was suffocating and collapsed on my bedroom floor attempting to escape.

I’ve performed a minor protection ritual to ensure I won’t get physically harmed again, though, I am open to contacting the spirit with enough preparation to see what they desire from me.

What are your thoughts on this? A harsh warning from a spirit overlooking me? Attempted possession?


In the past I had similar experiences. Huge guy was sitting on my chair and staring at me as I was sleeping. A shadow came out of him and was strangling me. His voice was loud and strong like that of a metal singer.
He told me that he is disappointed with me and I have brought shame upon him.
Back then I had no idea what i was doing in terms of magic to be honest i was used to strange experiences and didn’t think much of it. But it was quite palpable experience, sleep paralysis, yet i could feel being strangled, suffocating.

Many years later this happened to me in real life, my partner strangled me till i fainted. And it was my fault for accepting a toxic relationship and not walking away sooner.

The ‘dream’ was a warning. That year I had received many visitors and visions, all of them came true 10 years later.
Now i’m preparing for other changes which will occur, another 10 years almost passed. (Regarding this specific number of years, i’ve noticed patterns in my family, it is a curse).

I don’t think it is possession. It is a warning, use this to your advantage, time to make a plan.


ive had similar but different experience as far back as age 5. when between sleep and awaking I would have a terfifiying voice screaming in my head which sounded like the most terrifying death metal singer using sometype of other language that almost seemed ancient. could never make out what it was saying. this happened manytimes when I was younger and this voice would paralyze me. then it happened again when I was at my lowest point within my addiction. this time it happened in broad daylight while driving. was this a bottom feeder type entity. feeding off my fear iit promoted within me?? or was this sometype of warning. but if it was why did it happen at such a young age. this will not deter me from working with goetic spirits

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Usually when your projecting and close to your body is where the terror is! The feedback from your body and astral body is spooky to both you in the physical body and the you in the astral body! That’s where the dread feeling comes from! You think you cant breathe because your actually body is a sleep where it slow breathing but your astral body needs to breathe normally since its active and you are used to breathing until you divert your attention away from it!
The voices you hear is you tapping in other frequencies while you shift to the astral dimension so could be a warning or could be someone from a distant time singing this!
Unless you saw an actual entity face to face! And I mean looking into their eyes not just hearing them and thinking you saw something! From my experience when entities talk to me on the astral they make sure to hold eye contact :woman_shrugging: they would go to the length of shouting and grabbing my face to make eye contact!
You can interact with entities while close to your body and yes trying to get away from it is difficult! I would suggest teleporting! To where up to you! Random thoughts will pop up when you need and no matter how stupid it might be just go with it!
Lately I have been having difficulty breathing normally since am allergitic to some perfume my family members decided to use! So when I sleep it’s not pleasant! I would hear what sounds like a cat choking! Then I find myself awake and I know am on the astral and cant breathe! I would hear the buzzing sound too! All the voices wouldn’t let my mind sleep… so I tried teleporting to other places! Anything I can think of! Last thing I tried is visualising Lucifers sigil and grabbing it! Worked like a charm!

thanks a lot for the reply. I find it to be a very good one. I have always been a negative Nancy too intill the last couple years so it makes sense that I could of been tuning into that frequency while separating from my physical body. you’ve opened up my perspective on this because prior to your reply I ws under the impression that sometype of parasitic astral creature attached itself to me long ago. but maybe this isn’t so.

yea forgot to mention that I seen nothing. no entity, no face, nor one making eye contact with me. there was a total sense of dread eveytime this occurred and my breathing felt as if it almost stopped. there were other time that instead of that screaming ancient sounding voice in my head , id wake up in terror and see dark moving shapes. I never seemed to be fully awake during these times and they usually happen around 2-3am

If you are interested in astral projection I suggest reading Robert Bruce books about it! He explains alot of phenomena about the astral! Like the split effect where you projected more than one body to the astral! He also explains how memory works when you dream or project! And also why you sometime get paralysis stage and think you got stuck in it!

awesome thanks for the recommendation im going to try to get tha book. shouldn’t be hard. always had very very strange and funny dreams. love dreaming but never trained myself to astral project. I did read some of castanedas the art of dreaming years ago and remember the first step was finding your hands and looking at them.second might have been focousing on a object.