Anyone else have any experiences with him? He and I wrote a screenplay together, it was a lot of fun. However this is a demon that I have never asked anything from other than to write a screenplay with me.


I haven’t yet but I plan to work with him.


He’s great for working in film television and media. Or for pursuit of said endeavors.


Awesome …perhaps he can help me :slight_smile:


I’m supposed to very very soon. I’ll update you if you wish?


Actually I thought we has primarily functioning in baneful magick?


I’ve worked with him a lot but from a Qliphothic perspective, so i’ve come to believe if done that way you work with their most demonic manifestations or at least i do, in that working you drink his poison and see if you can pass his test, and whatever is not true in you will die if that makes sense, i’m not dead yet and don’t think i’m that insane so i’m hopeful i did. :sweat_smile: :crazy_face:

Also being the king of that part of the tree of death he naturally can teach the arts of destroying the health of others, that is just one of some of the many useful things he brings, again if he doesn’t drive you crazy first, give some thought before taking his cup just so you know your ready for it and enjoy the ride. :smiling_imp:


Kicks qliphothic car into maximum overdrive


Me and my Friends were at a graveyard tonight. I decided to do some sigils and ask questions for the dead not expecting an answer. Then, I got three letters presented to me ADR. At first I took this to be the name Adriana. But after so long I began getting 333 messages from conscious. I began to notice wings tons of them angels and butterfly’s every crave that caught my eye had a pair or wings. ADR was constantly playing in my head the whole time like a tune kinda like a flute. I used the 333 and took 3 steps and took the third letter of each grave. Eventually I got the words “try or run”. I immediately felt pain in my head and weakness and decided to end the session with a goodbye and a focus and cleansing of energy. I decided to look up what I had been talking to. I started typing and my had slipped to the m. Adrammelech is the name that came up. I need help. What do I do next? Should I see this as a sign? Or should I be afraid?

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I would take it as a good sign.

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