Unlock clairvoyance skills scriying black mirror

Good morning, everyone.
I would like to please know how to enhance my clairvoyant skills in front of the black mirror.

In my practice, after some time of holding my gaze fixed on a point (as in the reflection of my eyes) in the middle of the darkness, and my breathing making it slow and paused; I have only been able to see some white clouds and some distortion.

I have been in this state for a long time, but I feel that I am not moving forward

How can I unlock and enhance my skills in front of the black mirror?
Is there any exercise?


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hello ! black mirror scrying is another form of divination. it’s good to have something in mind, for example, a question , so you can get a vision of the answer. or ask the world for a message .

but , use the technique that you used when you actually saw something , and this time, imagine your third eye turning into a sort of purple light. that’s your clairvoyance clarity coming out :). look. with an intention. EXPECT a vision. focus. put your gaze on the mirror but actually look within. not on the mirror , but on your clairvoyance . the mirror is a tool. to help you and to go into a state of tantra.

everything takes time . it’s also best to find a technique made by yourself , as it’s more meaningful and powerful to only you. practice and find a technique that works best , and continue developing that technique.

don’t worry about if there aren’t results at first , everything comes with time :slight_smile: good luck !!


Any ideas on where to get a black mirror? Is it better to get a black mirror or an obsidian crystal ball?

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The scrying mirror is not only for divination but for evocation as well.

This link also speaks about scrying at the end.



Long read but that’s a nice trick about making sure you focus as close as possible on the eye lip area seemed like I was getting the outlines surrounding coming in without focusing on them. I book marked the page to finish later.