Hi I’m new to this entire concept it kind of fell into my lap today it took me down a ran it hole I wasn’t prepared for. I have no clue about anything magik? Magic? Related. Can anyone help me to understand this better?


Welcome to the forum. We have a rule here requiring introductions for new members. Please tell us a bit about yourself and what brings you here. You can make this thread into your intro post or click the link below and post in our Intro thread:



Assuming you followed @DarkestKnight’s instructions can you tell us what you want to know about and before asking did you use the search bar? (just checking)

Welcome to BALG @dragon if you dont mind my asking what brought you to this section of the internet? Or what rabbit hole did you find?

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Well it started today when I was in class (I’m a junior) I got bored and for whatever reason I started looking to see if it was possible to summon demons. The first thing that I saw I clicked I saw the name king Paimon so I researched how to summon him and in doing so I found a post on this website named ravensascent it look interesting so I read more into king Paimon and now I want to know more

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I want to know how to summon demons primarily. I’d also like to know anything magic/magick related since it seems interesting


Listen, I know how to summon some things primarily Lilith and her children. But if you don’t want something like that you can search for an evocation.
Also most summons surround sigils and enns as a way to summon an entity.

And if you do want to talk about Lilith just say so and I will pm you. (private message)

I don’t know anything about any demons except Mammon and king Paimon so sure

Then this is the site for you. There is thousands of stuff to find and people to help you. Also here is a link to a good post :slight_smile:

Take my word for it, as a complete newbie there’s no need, no need at all to learn basic stuff like banishing. No, you go headlong, straight into evoking spiritual entities with colossal powers. When you get into trouble, that’s the time to try and learn the basics.

That said, you pm me your email address I’ll return it with a PDF of Pentagram Rituals. How’s that?


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