How King Paimon Can Help You- An Evocation Guide

try asking the spirit evidence ,like tell it to move or do something to show its prescence thats what i do ,to make sure am not imagining.

Do you have to have offerings for those that come with Him?

Not really, but it depends. Just ask him, to make sure. But I don’t personally do that.

I definitely want to work with King Paimon when I get the chance.

I’ve only left him offerings, he’s really the only one interested anyways. To me his legion is always dancing everywhere, like a moshpit lol

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I UNDERSTAND YOU, the people here have been incredibly helpful magickally for nothing in return already, this has given me joy, there are so many people in the world charging thousands and they may even be charlatans, of course you cant do these workings for others constantly, and of course for certain works you need to be compensated, I understand this immediately, :slight_smile:

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Hi am im new here, how should i know if king paimon is my patron?, because im very curious and the Name Paimon always in my mind

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I realize this is an old question but, if you’re still in doubt, King Paimon likes Frankense, Bind Weed, Myrrh, sandal wood, and other Earthy scents. He also likes yellow and gold colors ( and the metal gold ). He insists on being addressed as King Paimon, calling him Paimon is disrespect in his eyes. For offerings, he likes gold, wine/alcohol ( I make really high ABV wine at home and it’s delicious. I often give him that and some premium Belgian and Swiss dark chocolate. You can also use a sugary drink like Mountain Dew, Pepsi, whatever. Like they say, it’s the thought that counts, but do give him the best you can, he is a king and should be treated and addressed as such. As for the summoning, I choose to be a solitary practitioner because other subconscious minds can effect what you wish to achieve.


you are inspiring ,…

The photo doesnt exist. please fix it.

Loved reading every bit of this

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I’ve been very curious about making my first demonic pact ever and I want it to be with King Paimon. Side note I know Lucifer and King Paimon go hand in hand but I dont really feel any sort of connection with Lucifer and have not contacted him in any way. Is contacting Lucifer an ideal thing to do if I wish to strengthen my relationship with King Paimon? I’m slowly opening up to the idea of working with Lucifer also. When i say that I’m have nothing against Lucifer or anything, not scared of him or any of that, I just dont feel his calling at all. I’ve heard from a few other magicians that I’ll eventually have to work with Lucifer is this true? I may end up working with him anyways but was just curious. I’d honestly like to work into a triple pact with King Paimon, beliel, and beleth eventually

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Hi im new here, i am contacting king paimon w/o sigils and candles just meditation itself can i call him with thqt kind of method?

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i am contacting king paimon w/o sigils and candles just meditation itself can i call him with thqt kind of method?

Yes you can. It will be good way to connect to mighty king paimon.

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You may want to work with one at a time unless otherwise instructed by the spirit. You should take your time and meditate. Start working with King Paimon first. You’ll have a lot to learn just from him. He’s calling you and it’s for a reason.

Funnily enough, regarding how to summon and what to offer, I called upon King Paimon some time ago but he absolutely directed me in what to offer him. He was quite specific, it just came to me in thoughts, pictures and ah ha moments. I haven’t interacted since but I think he might be quite reasonable and especially if you are a beginner. As for the serpentine aspect, there is a guided meditation on YouTube by Raven Star where you imagine him on a golden throne which is made of snakes.



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