Had a person I did a sex spell on almost attack me!

That is the pure unadulterated truth. I know of a friend who is a heavy practitioner. He put a sex spell on his ex and 3 days later she called him. They started dating again. Long story short she ended up giving him a venereal disease. It was completely Fubar situation. He had to get this two inch needle injected into his buttocks cheek. I had to drive him home from the hospital. All the way home he was kind sitting with when buttocks cheek kind of at a 45 degree angle in the car seat while the other one was flat in the car seat. It was very sore.

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don’t screen people and that’s what you get. sexual disease. This day and age, people are doing it on purpose to pass it on to others so they can suffer too. Especially uncurable ones. So that’s the risk if you want to go around sleeping with people. You never know who’s infected. :man_shrugging: Just like magick, you gotta have safety protocols weather it be protection or screening them.


I warned him but things happen.


Truth be it emotionally, physically or even death in some cases.

Do you mind sharing the spell? Not to much info just maybe if you used a Spirit…was it a one day ritual…picture of dolls etc

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Isn’t that the truth!

Pssst…if someone is too drunk to really consent then it is rape. Hence why everyone hates that one creepy fucker that preys on drunk girls because sober ones would never touch him

OP is just living proof of why love and sex spells are primary factors to why people get their personality split by Magick, hopefully you can work with a spell that can bring emotional stability and mutual feelings, don’t want ticking time bombs in your life. Take care

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Haha Haha

“I did a love spell!”


Same person 3 posts later

“Doing a ritual to slowly murder my ex, he cheated on me and stole a bag of gummy bears!”

For real, we all do some shady shit. I’ve caused multiple calamities to befall people over petty shit in the past, but that was a while ago.
Let’s not start a BALG inquisition here.

OP, I highly suggest working with Zepar to change her way of thinking 180 degrees.


don’t you mean dantalion which specialize in changing thoughts. zepar is to make women love you. says descriptions of them. lol

some people think surprising an ex at the front door with a machete in hand wearing a hockey mask is love. =o) :man_shrugging: people’s definition of love is different. haha.

don’t diss the gummy bears. they are edible love charms. :crazy_face:

Yeah, my mistake.

Gummy bears are awesome for many things.

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I had to revisit this thread due to the fact that I remember what you posted. Pure gold!:sunglasses:

I just want to know the spell. :rofl:

Damn I just thought this response was brilliant :joy: Of course I’ve also seen moralizing a lot on the love magick threads from time to time. I like that some people will even be against any magick that influences another. If they are against influencing other people then the only solution really is to stop talking with anyone and live as a hermit. We influence people every day. And to be honest they probably shouldn’t be working with Demons if they don’t like influencing others. At least with the Goetia, it seems they are more likely to bring about results by influencing others.

But with love magick, the issue is that people are very complicated. Even with curses, when you curse another they can act quite strange. They might lash out even stronger, because they try to resist and make themselves feel strong again. With love magick it can be similar if someone is scared of a relationship and such. They might break contact to try and fight the feelings. In that case you need to target the magick a those issues. But ‘backlash’ also highly depends on the magick. Doing magick that is very raw can make these sort of spells quite dangerous. Or if you’re not a fair lover, depending on the magick, it can give the person a way to harm you, directly through the magick done. Then you can also get love magick that is very safe. It all depends on the magick, but the complexity of people will always be an issue in this case.

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I don’t think love magick is prone to driving people crazy, but yeah, you do have to be careful who you cast on. Did she hate you before the magick? Display any weird or unstable behavior before you cast the spell? People don’t take these things into account when doing magick. Sure you can do whatever you want but that doesn’t void the potential risks. People don’t consider this enough.

does that mean after sending love/obession spell, one should always put up some protection for possible bad outcomes in future? or this is unnecessary? :thinking:

Depwnds on the magick. For some, it might be a good idea. But for books like most of the Gallery of Magick’s works they are almost as safe as you get, while retaining full power. If you work some more experimental magick or a basic ritual, then it can get dangerous.

how many times have i said this? love spells can quickly turn into obsession if not careful


Oookay so putting protection is a must when doing love spell. Got it