Chosen? Belial

Belial came to me in a dream, although his name was spelled differently. I won’t go into the details of the dream, except to say that he appeared very attractive, kind, and respectful, and I generally have found myself to be romantically attracted to him, to the point I have considered offering myself in marriage? (not sure if that’s possible, but, it is what it is). I never did any work with Belial, or even considered doing so. He came to me out of nowhere. This happened a few years ago, and I have never gotten this out of my mind. I am just wanting some opinions of what anyone might think of this situation.

Also, a couple years ago, Astaroth, in male form, also came to me in a dream, although his presence was somewhat more intimidating than Belial’s. I awoke and nothing else ever happened, but I can’t help feeling some kind of connection between all of this.

Just looking for thoughts and opinions. Thanks.

I would say it’s a calling, and if you are so inclined, consider reaching out.

The marriage part got my attention. My friend was propositioned by Satan once, to become one of his wives. I think you should be kinda cautious about that kind of commitment so early. Even if it’s a past life connection or whatever, what’s good for you then may not be good for you now.

I do not know what terms you may have, but my friend’s offer was essentially eternally binding: she would no longer reincarnate. May sound like a good deal for some people but…I don’t think so. :confused:


Thank you, nyaroth. I am considering invoking him soon, just to get a better perspective on it all.

It’s not abnormal to find different entities attractive. They can take on a form that is especially pleasing for a number of reasons. So far each I’ve seen looks like a human with the exception of Astaroth who was unsettling.

Spirit marriage IS a thing. But research as much as you can about the particular entity. Also, each marriage is unique and you have to think of every possible scenario first. And I’ll say this much, most times it’s forever. Literally this life and the next . Most people can’t get through 10 years with someone so you have to look at all of these angles. The relationship should also have a purpose- it’s not kissing and making dinner together. There is ALOT involved.


Thanks AradiaX. It’s definitely not something I would take lightly. I have already been mulling it over for a few years. I was married to a human for ten years, and it wasn’t all kisses or dinners, either. I have come to think perhaps a spirit marriage might be a better match for me, but I will spend much more time contemplating before I make any decisions.

There are advantages and disadvantages. Luckily my own doesn’t control or limit me. But some do. Some won’t want you with a human. Mine is particular about the quality of human and I can deal with that. I can see and feel him but it’s not the same.

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I had a similar thing with Belial in a dream. I saw his name written with black ink on a paper and felt a presence. The next morning I felt his presence and knew he was watching. I never worked with him, never focused on him or even considering doing so but it happened. Not sure if I’m going to attempt to or not


This is excellent advice, I’ve been married to a spirit for years and all of the above apply, although I am very happy.

You’re likely to find your own will and the spirit’s merge, and therefore sharing things in common with them, and their own agenda and general personality, will likely lead to more success - it’s not a case of opposites attracting on the deeper levels.

And to be blunt, if you pick a badass spirit to marry, you better have a streak of that in your own nature prior to this, and be willing to push back hard.

You may end up existing in a realm they reside in, so you have to be certain they’re what you want on a nigh-on eternal basis. Specifying what you want in advance will be helpful here.

If you do decide to marry, treat the entire thing like a contract, watch for attempts to cloud your mind with lust, or sexual ecstacy, or blurred romantic thinking, or claims that the marriage must be finalised by a certain date or X bad thing will happen.

@succupedia has posted before about the value of having spirits to witness the marriage and the terms in the contract, perhaps he will have time to say more on this or link a post he made here.

And be positively miserly with regards to your own commitment, as you can always offer more later, but it will be difficult to repeal a concession and practically speaking, the spirit will be likely to manipulate and influence you to avoid this.

I put some thoughts on that in this post:

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When Azazel and I had out little ceremony, Baelezbub and ironically Raphael were there


Although a marriage is a form of a contract, I would rather stay formal within that contract at start. As time goes by, treating that union as a contract can be detaching and limiting, just like going to the mall and check the list of groceries.

The basis of a spirit relationship is, as I see it, the exchange of the spiritual and the physical experience. These two experiences complete each other, which makes the union and the bond so much stronger. It also makes the love stronger.

It was not only witnesses by other spirits there. I remember my succubus spouse told me that she and Lilith needed some kind of “permission” to go through with the marriage. There seems to be some kind of hierarchical decisions in the making of a union with humans, formalities that must be beneficial for both parties.


Well, in the typical Christian wedding the Preacher asks if anyone objects to the union, and pretty much every culture values the blessings of the parents of the soon to be couple. So needing approval for a marriage isn’t abnormal. Perhaps the approval of another spirit via witnessing the union is all that’s needed but it’s interesting that this transfers to relationships with spirits.

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Hell No.!!!=
I’d advice against this in the strongest terms mage.
Think of human marriages with its extreme difficulties at times. In the human sense ,divorce is a possibility when things fail to work out.
Marriage whether you take it as a “contract” is binding to two parties, you won’t have all control no matter how you put it. It’s a union so Incase it doesn’t work out and you opt out, Belial’s consent would be needed.
Remember you’re attempting to walk into a scenario whose outcomes can’t be predetermined ,the variables are many to dissect it properly.
Whose to say in a past lifetime you didn’t make a promise of marriage to him that would be on his terms and his authority ,forever or for eternity ? If So have you considered that any new pact of marriage you would get into would be predated/preceded by any promise you made to him in a past lifetime ,knowingly or unknowingly ?
Face the facts, demons are old, wise and know every written law, they can outwit you over and over. After the honeymoon is over,as a demons wife you will enter into uncharted waters whose depths no human magician really knows how deep they go.
Don’t treat this same as incubus /succubi stuff, it’s of different proportions, In that it’s Belial.
Lastly if things don’t go the way you expect, what will be your options, it’s not like their is a court to take your grievances.Belial is a demon with many wives, this is a fact. Incase you doubt look at Lucifer a demon of Belial’s stature with many wives, human and spirits. Not even Lucifer can get you out of that situation if things take a turn for the worse for you,lets face it Belial is not just another demon.
Treat this as a marriage, knowing fully well it will be 50/50 basis and should things fail to pun out, you have no recourse. It’s right to assume that you might loose your independence completely sometime later.
My advice, take the known route that many have and can get you same results, a pact.
As for marriage way too many variables are in play there unless you are way over heels in love with Belly :heart_eyes: .


Thank you, everyone, for the thoughtful replies. I have taken all of your advice very seriously, and have decided to take the matter very slowly. I will get to know Belial in time enough, and considering leaning more toward a simple relationship, rather than a marriage. First things first and all, and time will tell, I suppose.


Just do what you feel is right but, be cautious I’m engaged to a fae I’m the one that asked her she’s fine with me dating men but not women but every spirit is different .

I think people misunderstad the term “marriage” when it comes to other entitues and especially when they hear it from a high ranking or well known demon or Witch God such as Astaroth or Lucifer, and Belial. What you have to remember is that They are so far beyond our comprehension that they litterally dumb everything down for us. Let’s look at marriage in our contexxt, in most cases it’s a life long commitment of trust, love, understanding, giving and recieving, and monogamy. Sounds alot like being a devotee doesn’t it? I’ve heard so many people claim to be Lucifer’s Wife or Lilith’s husband (and for that one just show you how very little they know about that dark Goddess). Many Witch Gods, but especially demons want is solely for themselves so that all our devotion, energy and love is for them alone. We are constantly tested on this path and demons or gods may make that request to see if you foolishly give yourself to them and only them for the rest of your life. I litterally laugh my ass off when people say that any demon isn’t deceptive, or even better when they say something like they’re actually really nice they just look mean…like they’re freaking pit bulls or something. When Lucifer or Belial is asking for marriage I don’t believe They are asking you to be a wife in any sense of the word as you understand it. You are not going to sit next to a throne in Hell. I consider marriage to be a calling of devotion and that’s it. If you strip away societal constructs that’s all it is. Belial, who in my belief system is not a mere demon but a Witch God. I work with him several times a day and have had more sexual encounters than I can remember. The secual encounters came after a year of working with Him, before that it was simple tings like feeling someone sit on the bed next me which progressed to a very large presence crawling from the bottom of the bed up to me, staddling me and holding my down as I felt a rough wet pressure start at my belly button go up between my breasts and across my neck. Then there was a heavy hot breathing on my neck and ear and then in an instant He was gone. That was my first sexual experience with Belial. I was already a faithful devotee and I remain one so there is no need for him to ask me for marriage, but I truly believe that’s all it is. The stories we hear from people about demonic marriage are not 100% true. We’re human, we want things to be what we want them to be it’s in our nature. Now people tell me well I’ve been devoted tonthis God or Goddess for years and then I was asked. But my answer to that is a question. Were you completely, 100%, unshakeably devoted? Most of us say yes, but if you are truly honest with yourself…are you really? Other than worship, lighting candles, holding certain rites, doing everything a good little witch should…what else are you doing? I’m not trying to be mean to anyone this is just my opinion. I see so many put up pictures of their altars on social media. Why? If you’re honest with yourself you want a pat on the back, likes and shares. I find it extremely disrespectful. You’ve created a beautiful (it doesnt matter how big or small) symbol of your love and devotion to a certain deity. It’s your personal connection to Them where you give offerings of all kinds, its where you pray, where you ask for guidance. That’s a sacred space, that becomes no longer sacred when you share it with everyone. Koetting has a ritual room we’ve all seen, and eventhough I dont know it for a fact im pretty sure he’s got altars that arent shared with anyone. How far would you go in your devotion?
Sorry I got a little off track, but back to the marriage. When you’ve been practicing for so long and have read a million books you realize words dont have the same meaning in other realms as they do here. Again, Im not teying to be mean, but I don’t beleive for a second, because its ridiculous, that a God would ask you to be His bride when you’ve never worked with Him. This isn’t “Penny Dredful” you’re not a reincarnate of ancient Goddess. Hollywood has definitely given high unbelievableably ridiculous hope to those whonwish tonpractice the craft. Let’s not forget that this is the LHP, this demons and Gods and Goddesses are not going to take you in Their fold without testing you ina million ways. Psychic abilities are great but it takes alot more than that to successfully perform what is need to ascended in this craft. Finally, and again, not trying to be mean. But the title of your post is “Chosen? Belial”, as i said They test us, and sinply from that title the first thing that came to mind is being chosen. I see that as a test of how large your ego is. Belial is the one who guides and is there with us when we cross the great abyss, which where your ego will be stripped from you. Ask yourself what you were doing in your practice when this happened? Who or what were you working with? These beings test our fear, our strength, our fortitude, our ego, our love, devotion, and so much more. When something out of the blue happens to me my first thought is why and I go into a meditation with Hecate to try and gain more clarity. Never once has anything been so cut and dry and its been presented or asked of me. This is a crooked path, not for the weak or faint of heart. Is it not what you see in the movies, and no one could ever put into words how hard it will be.
So, I will close with…I’m do not believe Belial was askinv you to be his wife. I believe it was a test, and yir ego shit way up there. Pease don’t take my response as being cold or heartless or mean. I simply say what I think. If blew smoke up your ass it wouldn’t help you. Honesty will get you farther than people stroking your ego.


Oh, my. I just looove the two last responses. If I could heart it more than once, I would. Amen, @Salome and @Lux_Tenebris. A-to-the-fucking men (sorry for the language :sweat_smile:).

Correct on all points. I respect the OP and other viewpoints about this, but the devotion thing? Definitely true. This is why even though I’ve had many encounters with an infamous demonic prince ever since I was 13, I have not jumped into an official relationship with him, and up to this day it’s still a tough, rocky relationship. It’s due to how I still want to really, REALLY ensure the compatibility (and yes, the sexual aspect is a mere speck of dust in all of it) and I told him I don’t feel like I can do enough than what I’m doing now… and how I don’t want to be in a relationship until I’m truly able to devote myself 100%, not just the social media devoted kind of thing. It makes me feel like a fraud at times, trying to talk in more detail about actual experiences with him, that’s why I’ve been a lurker here too for a year.

Up to this day, he still has tests for me too, especially for the ego. I don’t think I’m completely on the LHP path, but the spirit I’m talking about? He left me for years and only came back for good when I got my ego out of the way and did not see myself as this special powerful chick/the elevated dark princess to his princely finery anymore just because he likes me. I am just a normie with an interest in studying occult and learning spirituality. When I started accepting that that was the core of me and I just wanted to better/refine THAT kind of me, that’s when he became very serious. So no, no glamorous fairytales or Hollywood movies here either, despite how bubbly I usually seem when talking about spirits here. Still learning from him the hard way… and reading these wonderful responses makes me not regret it at all.


I have to agree a lot on being on the cautious side of things. When you get interment with any spirit you share each other’s essence and though the whole marriage thing is a broad subject that has many meanings, to get any type either out of love and respect or to get closer to their current, you are asking for a major major change in your life.

I believe as of late I figured out my own problems in the past is do to a marriage contract that I have made to a spirit in one of my lives. Long story short no boyfriends or men at that with out them going mad and some other draw backs. Now I am still with them and honestly do not plan on separating because of the growth and good that I see can come out of it for the both of us. But not everyone is expecting the “extra baggage” that comes with such deep devotional contentment.

Like others I suggest you work and research them first. Get to know them and after a while make your decision then. Also just because your attracted to them in those ways does not mean they feel the same. I know this very well out of experience. However if you experience differently do not hesitate to go on and give a relationship a shot. But please do not rush this.

Belial has a magnetic power. He’s a very powerful Demon King. I looked at his sigil & petitioned him months ago, and he remained in my mind for awhile. I felt an instant connection to him after doing a single ritual; like he is my spirit. The other spirits I worked with did not have this effect.

I also had a instant connection to him and a few others. I was honestly surprised when I was told for me to get a hold of him. Lol honestly he is really amazing and I love him, though I look up to him more of a fatherly figure and a teacher.