New Here and Help Needed

Brand stinking new. So new, in fact, that I’ve never performed magick before and barely know the basics. I probably have the strangest reason for being here of all you!

Here’s my story:

My grandfather began sexually abusing me when I was 9-years-old. That’s more than a decade ago. When my grandmother died, I wound up becoming his caregiver about four years later. With his permission, I’ve used his money for both his own needs and some of my own. APS called exploitation and won’t hear any explanation, and I’ve been charged with twelve felonies and a gross misdemeanor. I cared for my own abuser for 6 years, and he’s in such perfect health he doesn’t even need any meds of any kind, and now I’m facing this crap.

What have I learned: don’t give up your life for your abuser!

Needless to say, I got feeling desperate and suicidal. On a quest to see what all options I had for fighting these charges, and my attorney (and my mom’s attorney) says it looks bleak.

That’s when I found Belial (or maybe he found me, who knows). Apparently he’s really good at dealing with these kinds of things, but I have no experience.

I saw E.A’s Ritual for Hire and was wondering if anyone here got results from it, or if there was anyone else I could hire. It’s pretty expensive, and I don’t want to go about trying to find a way to come up with the money if it doesn’t really work. Am I too inexperienced even if someone else does the ritual? I want this to end for both myself and my mom. Stick him in assisted living and let us move on with our lives.


I feel it would depend on your goals after the legalities are taken care of. Do you care to learn about and practice magick, or would you prefer a one and done?

If one and done, id roll through with the ritual for hire. If you want to learn to do it yourself, itd be time consuming (idk what timeframe we’re working with) but it’d be worth it IMO.

Just depends on what you want. I applaud your selflessness and strength in light of the situation your family member was in. These situations wont break you, best of luck.


Since you need quick results do the ritual for higher to get charges dropped.

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Hiring someone might be a good idea. I’ll probably buy some of the books on here as well, but timeline-wise, I want to get the ball rolling as fast as I can.

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Sorry. Just introduced myself.

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Okay, working on a way to come up with the money. Does Belial ever not deliver? It seems like E.A has a very good relationship with him.

While you’re saving up $$$, I would start working on contacting Belial yourself. It can’t hurt, and the sooner you get him working on your case the better the results can be. I had great success working with him for a legal issue and I had had little to no practical experience with magick.

Start by learning this technique:

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The easiest way to contact Belial is to chant his enn with his sigil and give him three raw chickens ( frozen stuff is ok) just leave the chickens in a graveyard.

Just search Belial on this forum and you will find a wealth of information.


Cool. I’ll give that a go.

I’ve been trying to use sigils. My biggest problem is I can never get into the theta/gamma sync. It never flashes for me or anything. I’ve been trying to start with hypnosis, but I fall asleep. I’ve been thinking of the Monroe Institute or Arvari. Very short on money right now, so I can’t look into it anytime soon, though.