Ola Aloha Hakuna Matata.., here's the New Goddess in Town <3

Hello there & to whom it may concern,

I finally decided to sign up with the forum, though personally I’m not really a forum kind of person to be honest, but we’ll see… Maybe the magick is strong enough to keep my interest here :slight_smile:

Anyhows, my name is Hill and I’m living in the Netherlands, I’m a happy single mom of 4 and am considered by personality profile, a star/creator… (wealthdynamics)…, I have these brilliant genius idea’s that need to see the light of day…

I’ve been on the spiritual path as long as I can remember, I’ve always had my guiding spirits and have been seeing aura’s and entities my entire life and along the way you learn a couple of things, you find out things and as it nearly seems to become somesort of a realization; we’re living in somesort of upsidedown world…

Things aren’t what they seem, things are what they don’t seem and vice versa… So all together I ran into this YT channel of becoming a living god(dess) and it intrigued me…

I didn’t sign up straight ahead, no…, I’m a firm believer that spirit shows you the steps to take and the moment to sign up or connect to something… So, now I’m here… and I’m here now…

What I’m up to…? Well right now I’m working on my new TSM summer retreat, something that came from so deep and from spirit, and it keeps on pushing me; while it actually kind of scares the living hell out of me… But then again, I wouldn’t get the idea if I wasn’t capable of getting it done or if it wasn’t worth being manifested on this plane…, isn’t it… ?

I mean, you know how it works… when an idea’s time has come, there’s literally nothing that can stop it from being manifested… period.

Looking forward to learn and interact with you guys xoxo

<3 hill



So you don’t have any sort of magical practice or experience? Just whatever has come to you naturally?

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Who said that…? :wink:

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That is my interpretation of what you wrote…

If you have a magical practice, please tell us. It is helpful in providing advice to you, as well as in weighing any advice given. If you have never evoked a spirit, for example, then we would know to how to proceed.


What do you precisely mean by; if you have a magical practice…? Do you mean if I have a practice where people can come for magic and rituals…? Not in that sense no, that’s not my prerogative or destiny. I’m a magical creator, I create things out of thin air and manifest them into reality, that’s my magic practice…, I attract that what I really want to see in my life… on purpose…, if you haven’t noticed; magic is all around us, it’s not only found in summoning demons or any other entities, it’s literally woven in everyday life… Yes I envoke spirits, yes do magick rituals and create them also with ease and help of my spirit guides, yes I’m also a shambhalla reiki master, yes i’m a natural witch; most things come to me and I’m shown where to go… I’ve learned to listen to spirit, to trust and have faith in the outcome and to be honest; that’s actually the most powerful magic there is… to be able to walk with spirit and allowing things to unfold themselves by divine timing… I’ve never experienced anything came too late or not in the right time…, have you…? xoxo

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Thank you for completely missing the point of my question.

I asked if you practiced or at least have knowledge of, a working magical system, such as what the majority of the members of this forum practice. Enochian, Golden Dawn, the Ascending Flame, the work of EA Koetting, Thelema, etc.

I will assume from your answer that the answer is no, and that my supposition in the beginning of your thread that you get by on your natural abilities was correct.

Thank you, and welcome.


Well english isn’t my first language or mothertongue…, and yes I am working also with magical systems, Thelema and Enochian, but also Hermetics and the Emerald Tablets of Toth… so thank you for being so pretentious in your choice of words…and your (according to my humble opinion, narrow) perception of what magick is …

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Okay easy there, many of us on this forum practice various types of manifesting: @DarkestKnight is consistantly one of THE most helpful members on here and was simply trying to elicit the usual information we hope for in intros.

Why do this?

Well, it helps everyone on here be real people, and not have things being ASSumed or taken for granted, when people sign up - we all bring different life experiences and specialities to the forum. :+1:


Maybe it’s an idea to set up a set of questions that new membes can fill out, being used as a steady introduction?

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Well, we allow people to kind of make their own choice, but there is a suggested list of things to include at Introduce Yourself To Members Of The Forum which was our old intro topic, then we do have automated PMs (at least one) on signup that asks for an intro, so we’re not trying to regiment anyone, just get an idea what individuals are doing and what skills they have, and what their biggest challenge or needs are. :smiley: