How does Lucifer look like to you guys?

I’ve always imagined Lucifer in a seductive way… always with dark curly hair, piercing green eyes, smooth olive skin and a ripped body and a giant… well… yeah. Also, when the occasion calls for it, dark grey angel wings.

Edit - almost always in loose fitting linen trousers too, sans shirt or with an open tunic.

I guess North African/Levantine, if I had to put an ethno-geographic area to it.

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That’s crazy! Are there any simple techniques I can do to call for him ? Lately I’ve been showing more of an interest with him, though I never dared to summon him before, I feel like he can maybe hear my thoughts since I think of his name? Because I thought of him randomly one day and got a chill down my spine, like it legit felt like someone had a piece of cold ass ice and held it to my spine and drew it down. It felt kinda cool actually but I’m just now realizing that could of been a sign. I’m not sure though I hate feeling like it’s all in my imagination. But i feel like more and more he’s getting through to me in little ways which is strange because I never made a real physical effort to contact him before.

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The simplest way is to draw out his sigil on a bit of paper or something. Stare at it a while until you can see it perfectly in your mind. Then recite his enn with your eyes closed for a while. After that clear your mind the best you can and be still and silent. Let him come to you. Record any thoughts, feelings, or pictures you get in writing. Spirits very very rarely speak in a literal manner. You’ll have to piece the message together from there.


I see him as a young man with blue eyes and fluffy blonde hair. Very tall and muscular. :blush:

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@Dinmiatus Hello there! I’ve seen something very similar. I don’t know who that was but his entire figure was like that of the northern lights. Do you know what that could mean?

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A basic guy with long black hair, markings everywhere that look like tattoos, but he’s already told me it’s the affects of him taking in both Nyx and Erebus dark energies.

Tall, dark and handsome. :wink:


This is how I see him, breathtakingly beautiful.


I have yet to see the face he’ll show me. I have only really seen parts of his body here and there. One time he hugged me from behind as I was going to sleep, and I physically saw his arms wrap around me. Of course, nobody was there when I turned back- but I knew it was him. In another instance, he went into my dream and made me take a bath with him. I was sat down between his legs…his LONG legs; it was then when I realized the dude is probably 15 ft tall- no joke. That bathtub was also huge; I couldn’t see out of it. I was a teddy bear compared to him.

I realize he comes to me usually when I’m feeling sad. I don’t know why since I don’t work with him at all or anything. But, yeah, what I know is that he’s lean, has light skin…and is a giant lol.


He recently appears to me similar to Tom Ellis, but younger. Black suit, but he’s also appeared as a hooded figure

@DarkestKnight Hello!! :grin: Do you see things too?

Long white hair and in a white dress, like a tunic.


He looks like a blazing star, or a burst of lightening in human form to me, most of the time. A flame of white light innermixed with blues and greens.

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His form changes every time we meet. Sometimes he is a man, a child, or something else entirely that I don’t dare fathom into words.

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Over 6ft tall, spiky blonde hair, blue eyes, pale skin, with a runner’s build, shirtless, wearing black pants, and black shoes.

A shadow like a very very fast blur
A very pronounced flash of blue light that seems to hover, move even against the direction I turn my eyes.

Used to get him in the form of a man in his 20s, petite woman with short hair, and a small boy, and a kinda very difficult to describe alien looking entity (kinda like a gray merged with a reptilian creature) Never did I get the same form twice.

.He never appears in various humanoid forms to me anymore , just light or something I’d have to slow down drastically to catch if I were recording with a camera… In all the instances I got him in the past, his irises were a sort of gold glow

Strangely, most of the other entities I work with seem to be coming as just lights, shadows…but his light is sky blue, pronounced in such a way I would not be able mistaken a floater in the eyes reflecting ambient light for him. This is all with eyes open…

From the time I was a child Lucifer has always appeared to me with glowing skin, blue green eyes, and curly blonde hair. He has an almost androgynous appearance.

Exactly the way I see him.

I picture him like this, this character is from legion

Or lucifer from the series