Salt Protection Circle when summoning an entity

Hey everyone , in new in summoning spirits , My first envocation i did was when i was summoning Duke Bune , i followed the instruction from a website called . I used a salt protection circle instead of pentagram and envocation was a success even though i didnt see Duke Bune but i could sense him . Can i use salt protection circle when summoning other spirits also qnd how safe is it ? Thanks


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I think you may be missing the point of the whole thing here. Why do you feel you need protection from the lovely Bune ?

Having a circle for protection means you have fear. Fear of the unknown and what it could do to you should you let it in. This type of thinking will make you appear more like a coward to the spirit.
The demon is the dark aspect of the god it is the side of power and strength. Cowardice is not respected.

The circle is to be used as a tool to help you focus, the triangle is to help you have a place for your awareness to perceive the spirit. The tools of magick are symbols through which you communicate to your subconscious, the ritual places you in the right state of mind to be capable of perceiving the experience.

To me, using a salt circle is like going to have a conversation with someone wearing full riot gear.
You need to face them head on face to face and have a conversation like you would another person.


Actually one should have protection up. It keeps unwanted influences out other than what you are Evoking for.


I have never had this problem, it seems most of the time the spirit I’m talking to dominates the scene and outside influences are not anywhere near.


I feel the salt protection circle is necessary and respectful to keep any imposter spirits away from your conversation. Everyone is different though, whichever makes u feel safe enough to communicate clearly and without fear. It’s not unnatural to fear demons, their power is intense after all. Sometimes fear comes from a place of respect (not too much of course).


I could never respect someone that wants me to fear him, as I would never respect someone who fears me. But each his own :woman_shrugging:


A circle of protection is actually standard in many occult practices and in the Wiccan tradition. I have employed a visualization of blue light as opposed to salt for a circle of power and protection.

The universe is vast and although you may be summoning Bune something else may respond. If your new i would advise caution and take protective measures including the circle. If your experiencing success why not use the circle, it should be what your comfortable with and shows your intentions.

If you wish to take it further with a ritual after you make contact with a deity it will usually identify itself with signs and visions and you will start to receive visions letting you know what they think of you and how to improve yourself.


I always imagined a circle as a sphere separated for your communication, not as protection but rather boundaries of your manifestation in that particular working.


That’s a really good point, bear in mind though that fear and excitement happen in the same part of the brain. Like I said, not TOO much fear. Dread is not the same as fear. A little fear is always good, like an adrenaline rush. As a musician, I understand fear to be an excited desire to get something right when I’m about to go on stage. Fear of getting a ritual wrong comes from a place of wanting to show respect to the deity involved. So my point is, fear can be utilised as respect.


That’s a good way to put it.

Wrong you always need to protect from lower levels it has nothing to do with the entity you have called upon

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A circle is, not that necessary… Only as a point of focus… Demons I have realised cover your entire fucking area and no imp can be around at That time

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I agree with this to a degree, the greatest weakness is in your mind not outside of you. Doesn’t matter how much salt you pour if you’re cowering in fear.

By all means use a circle. I’m rather fond of them.

Draw detailed ones that catches the eye. It’s easier to focus in on… And then the games begin. :drop_of_blood: