A weird phenomenon and I cannot find any info about it

First off I’d like to say that I am single and live alone. The last time I had anyone over for sex or the like was awhile ago around New Years.

So lately I have been finding black hairs around my apartment - on the walls, sink, sometimes even in my bed sheets. I don’t really understand what this is but it reminds me of the grudge or the Ring or any movie that features some ghostly figure with black hair.

I am not really haunted or disturbed by whatever this is. It just lets me know it’s here… by tapping on the walls occasionally and leaving “her” hair behind. Has anyone experienced anything like this before? I am not big into seance or invokation. I meditate and that’s about the extent of what I do.

Does anybody have any ideas as to what this may be? Or represent? Perhaps someone before me messed around with an art they didn’t fully understand? Again - it doesn’t bother me - it’s just here, I guess.

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The hairs are physical signs of presence, something is letting you know that something has been sent to you, the abundant black hairs are perhaps signs from Lucifer his color being black.

This is a start to something and someone has cast something with you as target. Usually there are many more signs indicating what type of casting, you might receive visions or other signs as the casting increases or might die off, time will tell.

Introduce yourself as you have been told.

And check your blankets and, more importantly, your food and money. Be sure nothing is missing. I know several different cases of people noticing stuff like this, all had the same source and it is not supernatural.

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Can’t really say it’s a bad omen or even a casting. It’s been happening for a while. If it is a curse the magick is a bit weak. I’d say I agree with you though. Probably my ex trying some shit … she liked to dabble. Sucks to think it’ll be coming back to her without even effecting me.

Oh well.

It’s either that or, I think this may be more likely, maybe… The Morrigu trying to contact me . :slight_smile:

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Or you have a not so subtle squatter living in your walls and only coming out when you aren’t around. It’s happened before :man_shrugging:t2:


LOL man if that is so then they are damned skilled. I live in a small apartment. Nothing is missing ever and I haven’t much to take.

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I don’t think it’s a hex, but looking at the signs an attraction or even love casting, it depends how strong it is or the person casting will continue to cast over a longer period of time.

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Get yourself some dryer sheets and weave one through each of your air vents. I suspect the hair if from another unit and traveling by air vents. Give it a few days and then check the dryer sheets to see if they accumulated this mysterious black hair.