Partial Physical Shapeshifting

Hello there; I’m a scientist by training (PhD student in medical biochemistry) who is interested in certain specific topics in magick and the occult. Specifically, I want to partially physically shapeshift, taking on some physical characteristics consistent with lycanthropy. Fangs, claws, pointed ears, a snout, and a tail, etc.

Have any of you achieved something along these lines? Any and all help is much appreciated.




I just did that. Now any responses to my thread are much appreciated.


I recommend to begin having many conversations with this gentleman.
The fifth Spirit is Marbas. He is a Great President, and appeareth at first in the form of a Great Lion, but afterwards, at the request of the Master, he putteth on Human Shape. He answereth truly of things Hidden or Secret. He causeth Diseases and cureth them. Again, he giveth great Wisdom and Knowledge in Mechanical Arts; and can change men into other shapes. He governeth 36 Legions of Spirits. And his Seal is this, which is to be worn as aforesaid.

He can teach you how to go about it. Also studying the mythology of both native american tribes (AKA skinwalkers) and the ancient european tribes can yield magnificent insights.

The real issue with magick of this kind is how far are you willing to go and what are you prepared to sacrifice along the way, because people have gone insane or died making the attempt. Don’t let that stop you just be aware of the risks.


Physical shape shifting in magic is one of the highest form of magick, God-power. Pretty sure no one here has achieved it.

In the astral realm it is quite easy to shape shift. In the eastern occult tradition there are many ways to attain siddhis, super natural powers. One way is to blurr the line between the physical body/ world and the astral body/ world. Then the physical world will follow the laws of the astral body world. Then you can CREATE like Dr.Manhattan.

This is Highest level of magick/tantra .


I intentionally changed the coloration of my eyes once, to see if I could. Not permanently mind you, and it was only a minor change (adding a ring of silver around the iris), but I did it, and it was cool.

@thestrangescientist I’d recommend looking into alchemical processes, more specifically the nonphysical operations that can bring physical results. Well, either alchemical stuff or eastern stuff as @Goku said.

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Glad that I am wrong. What method did you use.

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Take on the energy and consciousness of a spirit and you will naturally take on new physical characteristics if practiced repeatedly.


Ha ha ha! No one has achieved it you said? That’s so wrong. I do that like it’s nothing. Not shape shifiting into a hideous and scary creature though, but a calm and welcoming one.

It is not the highest, not at all.

If you know the way about it, you will understand it’s no way high nor higher not to mention highest.

But why people desire this shapeshifting thing is what I don’t understand. Is it what Hollywood shows them that make them thirst for such power!


Can you please provide proof for this statement? I’m skeptical. It’d be best if you could provide images of yourself transforming into an inhuman creature. Maybe ask a friend.

Seriously, I can’t provide images. It’s part of our agreement with the being that taught me. ‘Keep secret things secretly; if you let this out people will abuse it.’

I really wish to let it out too, but I don’t want earth to turn zoo.


So it is really possible to turn to a non human creature here on earth ?
Did you figured this method out yourself or did anyone gave it to you?
How many of shapeshifting people do you know?
This is so interesting. :slight_smile:

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Yes, it is.

Not by myself, I was taught, not by man.

So far, two or three. And none is interested in turning hideous; bossing over people.

I heard of one saying he used the square in Abramelin book…bla bla bla it’s a long process though.

People need to understand that what they see in movie should remain there. It’s not all that cool if it comes into reality. I once requested for this wolf power and from dream I got it. I turned from there to reality. Pain all over my body. My jaw became heavy. I couldn’t close my mouth; teeth everywhere. My skin as hard as rock; it’s like I’m insensible. Then I could hear noises, car horns (i live far from express or any garage) different people talking, and other voices too, and my sister was near me, she started smelling like she is food to me. Her flesh and blood felt like an aroma I should taste. Anger! Anger! Anger! I busted into tears… this isn’t what Hollywood showed us.

I returned back to sleep, it was hard to fall into sleep though, but I began call om this spirit…and he appeared to me in the dream again.

He goes like: Now you got what you wanted…
Me: I don’t want it again.
Him: hahaha I warned you but you insisted.
Me: (in tears already - the fangs keeps growing, though it’s in the dark but my eyes could see clearly and i was full of anger) Please!
Him: I’m leaving.
Me: I will destroy anyone who cross my path. I will rip them alive. I will feed them with pain. I will…
Him: John, remember…you must not kill.
Me: I will go do that now.

So i jumped out of the thick forest we were in to go into the city, and I woke up. Back to my normal self. So ever since then I don’t think of it again. Nor wanna teach anyone about it.


You are a special person. Thank you for answering. I cannot tell here in public why I am searching but I will try to understand this more. Hopefully I will find an answer.

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PM me then.

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I am a new member thats why I am not able to message you (I guess) but I will definetly when I am able to. Maybe you know the answers that I am trying to search.

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Hope you are not talking about putting on make up. :neutral_face:


No, I’m pretty certain he’s legitimate.


Hahahahahahahaha seriously? No.

Really , how. :confused: Divination?

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