How to send a succbus or incubus to prove someone spirits are real?

how to send a succbus or incubus to prove someone spirits are real? i was thinking just doing sigil magick with belial?

Maybe ask Lilith to send one their way? A picture of them and a name, make an offering to her, that kind of thing? I typically don’t care about whether or not someone else believes but if you want to send a spirit like that to someone for whatever reason, or want one for yourself as a partner, it is my understanding that most people go to Lilith. I have never asked her for something like that but if I wanted to do what you want to do then she is where I would start. There is plenty of stuff on this forum about her if you want to research her a bit. Just use the search function.

Were can i contact this Lilith i been trying to get a succebus seen ages

Read the post above yours.

Look up her sigil(s) on google images. Then I’d suggest using her enn to call her and offer some blood as payment perhaps. Be VERY specific w/ what type of lover/relationship that you want.

EX: Do you want a one night stand to see if you’ll like it at first or just to experience one? Do you want a long term relationship? Do you want rough sex, loving sex? Do you want a monogamous(goes both ways for you and her) or polygamous relationship? Etc,.

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