Letter Of Intent - How To Evoke A Succubus/Incubus *update*

So they basically come to trust you only if you have serious intentions like a serious relation ship right?

Exactly. Just be sincere.

With that being said…keep your mind open as you might already be given signs.

One of the hardest aspects is being aware and paying attention. Quite often the signs and messages being displayed to us get overlooked.


I did it ! It works ! Thank you @succupedia for posting this ritual.
It was 3.40, i did the ritual, said what I was supposed to say and burned it. Then i meditated a bit, i felt tiny subtle touches/movements and I Acknowledged the touches. I talked to her and said that I thought she was there. Let my hand out towards what I saw energy in the air and I felt the vibrations on my subtle energies. I went to bed, said that I want to be touched. First very subtle stuff happening, then I was sure I felt something touch my hand I said “I felt that, thank you. You can do more” Then i felt arousal coming over me, fast. The feeling that arrived after, cannot be explained by words. It was extremely powerful, orgasmic, euphoric like narcotic. My whole body felt this amazingness, like my chakras had an orgasm or something. My heart started beating fast, I unfortunatly got a bit frightened. I told her that the reason I was scared is because I never felt this, it was highly unusual to me, I hope to get used to the feeling, and “Omg” were running through my mind all the time, because it was epic. I am 100% certain i had an encounter with her yesterday. My intention is a long lasting thing, so i hope to feel this way again tonight and every night of my life. I don’t feel so much physical, but the “sex/bonding” wich happent would outmatch any physical sex by a mile. What should I do next? Think she will stay with me?


Still haven’t done it. Honestly I’m kinda scared. Don’t these spirits at some point might hurt you or something? Since I’m new I’m kinda concerned about why it’s should be so easy and why they would do that for “free”.sorry if I sound kinda repetitive and ignorant in these subjects lol.

I want to talk with you privately so please give me your fb acc

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Please introduce yourself before asking someone for their private information.


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Love this story! So cool.

Although I think the answer is probably yes, I’ll ask anyways - does this work for gay men?

Of course it works. It doesn’t matter what your sexual orientation is. What does matter is your intentions.


Alright, I’ll give it a whirl. Are there any limits on what I can ask for in terms of the incubus’ appearance/form?

It worked for me, as well as for others using this method.


Including me


I would say there’s no limits of what you can ask, but if I were you, I would cover the basics and leave room for the spirit to develop together with you.

The ascension aspect is not only about you, but also about the spirit. Just as much as you will experience the spiritual world, the spirit in exchange, experience the physical world. It’s a perfect trade, as I see it.


Can I ask you something

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I’m on my way to work, so send me a P.M and I will give you a reply later today.


In the beginning you aren’t going to see anything most likely. You may however get random visions in your head or even have reoccurring dreams showing you what may be her/his appearance.

As mentioned above the most important aspect is going to be what you feel. Slight touching/tickling, tingling sensations, warmth, coolness, light breezes…and be prepared to be EXTREMELY aroused. Tingling and slight touches is what you will most likely experience first.

You may also see shadows, mist/fog appear…but again, don’t focus so much on what you can see or you may end up missing the most important aspect. The connection. The more time you spend with your spiritual connection, the stronger the bond will become and your senses will develop.


I need help reconnecting with all my succubi. I have noticed their absenses and im afraid they have forgot about me

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that happens, they will be back
I sometimes go for months without my succubus, only feeling a very weak presence
then one day she will be back in full force staying for how long she feels like this time.

It can be very frustrating, but seems to be normal… I think…

For me it’s true, but their gifts was not from the physical plane, but rather from the ASTRAL PLANE.

You could ask for pretty much anything, but my advise is to be careful of what you wish for. Greed won’t get you anywhere.

I’m into this for one thing: Love. That was what I asked for and I’ve got exactly that. Of course they have given me other things on the side, such as a title, spirit followers, astral body transformation, enhanced astral senses, etc. These other gives are a huge bonus, which I never asked for, but I’ve got it anyway. I am very grateful and lucky to have been given all of these gifts, but my spirits greatest gifts are the love they have for me and that I’m able to feel that physically and emotionally.

You and your friend can be powerful, too. But be gentle and humble towards your path of power.