Successful Evocation / Invocation Of Apoxias

Hello there everybody,

I am writing to tell you of one of Hecate’s “angels” that was revealed to Jason Miller.

Long story short: I picked up his book on protection Magick some time ago and decided to build a home for one of the spirits he mentions - Apoxias.

I gathered all the ingredients, exorcized the bottle which now serves as his gateway and waited until the new moon. Well yesterday was the night of the New Moon for those of you who don’t know. I didn’t…I thought it would be today, except that at exactly midnight, Apoxias’ bell rings from the room where his home is kept.

It was pretty damn eerie and I bet you that an ordinary person who is not involved in Magick would have shat themselves.

I was thrilled! Apoxias is real, Jason Miller revealed him first and I am sharing this with you so that you too may discover Hecate and her angels. For more information on how to call Apoxias and how to build him a gateway, consult Jason Miller or his book Protection & Reversal Magick.

Thanks to EA Koetting for having Jason on one of his shows and in the Anthology of Sorcery.

Hail Hecate x 100
Hail Apoxias!


You continúe working whit hum?

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Apoxias is basically a protection powerful spirit who helps witches who work with Hecate


Yes iknow thanks.

I did it

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