WTF? Mammon- is he a destroyer of all in one's life for rage and causing physical harm to another?

Hello forum! I need an answer on tis, or atleast theory- Let me explain… I was speaking with Mammon, and I knew that he destroy’s in order to “build is back up”. HOWEVER, in my last few day’s I have had an overwhelming feeling to cause physical harm to another, perhaps in a violent manner. After I pre"acted" this behaviour out and it is NOT who I am which leads me to believe that maybe Mammon could be causing me to behave like this.

Once I’d done all this, after being full of momentary but tremendous rage, I took a step back, looked through my journals and searched this site regarding a spell I cast with Mammon and though I knew the risks, I wonder if this is either truly Mammon doing his work in his style, OR if this was just inside me. I’m not prones to rage, but as a kid, I do remember that I had rage issues, but after counselling (keep in mind that this is around ages 8-13 and I’m 47… no, 48 as of today… Happy BIrthday to Me, right?.,… ugh)

Bottom line, what do you ion te forum thing? Is it Mammon or is it something I could have repressed psychologically within me? A LOT of big questions, if anyone has insight, it would be helpful. Please do not ridicule, just constructive criticism… I can handle that. Thank you all!

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Happy birthday :blush:

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Hm… I don’t know much about mammon, but from what I’ve seen in situations like this, working with deities (especially violent ones) can aggravate the feelings you normally have no trouble keeping down. I’d try to contact him and see if he can shed some light - Good luck :slight_smile:

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Thanks! I will go to the other part of the forum… I just though tit might provoke a response more quickly by directly posting to the forum as I did… Many thanks!

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Sounds like he’s doing as you said - breaking down and building back up.

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