Could you suggest something to reverse magick

I did a working from ben woodcroft’s angelic protection book called shield from magick.I wanted to protect myself from an enemy who was using magick to work on me.Now my own magick wont work on me either.Please help me to remove it

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I just did.I would have done it before but i guess i was too hasty for wanting help with my question😛

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There is an opposite to everything. Two sides to a coin. Just find out what kind of spell is in effect, the ingredients and then work on the counter/reverse spell.
Like Water is the opposite of fire, magnetic is the opposite of electric, to pull is the opposite of push, etc.

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Well i followed instructions from the book and it doesn’t mention anything on how to undo it.The spells was i had to look at a sigil for a minute then say some magick words.It was too simple.Iam lost on it

Do you know what the spell was ? ( Only if you can talk about it )
This is the book.I first did the freeze a curse spell.Which worked except it didn’t get rid of the entity sent to me along with the curse.Anyways my enemy was constantly doing magick on me trying to reinforce the curse.So i did the shield from magick spells.Now iam trying to use a different spell to get rid of the entity from a different book from the same author.If you would like i could send the spells screenshot from the eBook but i dont know if that would be copyright infringement.

What does the entity do to attack you ?

In the contents section, it shows that after the Freezing A Curse spell, a couple spells down, there is a Removing Entities And Attachments spell

Its very subtle and cleverly.It manipulates with my divination readings,it makes me feel low and depressed,it has ruined my career,ruined my social life while being very subtle the entire time.It has been going on since 2 years now.I know i could do the remove an entity spell but the shield of magick spell is not letting any magick to work on me.Iam trying to remove that first

Do you have any aggressive enemies or bad people you know of, something to send this entity on to harass and vampirize them?. Eliminating these type of people would make life better for you as the entity would be on them.
Dont’ need to mention names. Just something you can do with the spirit

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Yes i do but again i doubt if the shield of magick spell would let it work.But i would try nevertheless and let you know☺️

Can you visualize a hole in the magic shield to let/send the entity onto the target, then close the hole in the shield ?

Is that possible?How do i do that?

I am assuming that visualizing and intention would work, as energy follows thought .

Alright i will try today and let you know

Sounds good. Wish you success


I didn’t see anywhere in the thread that you’ve done a banishing. Have you tried that?

I’m also confused. IF I read it correctly, it reads that you did a freezer spell and now your own spells won’t work on you. Did I misread or misunderstand something (which has been known to happen…daily…)?

If an divine being’s hand is involved, couldn’t you petition that same being to ask for relief? Thought I’d throw that in, since it’s an angelic protection book.

The thing is i was cursed by a guy with a love me or die(not die more like ruin my life) type spell with an entity attached.I did a freeze a curse spell from the book angelic protection by ben woodcroft.It worked but it didn’t get rid of the entity.Anyways,since the guy was working magick on me constantly to reinforce the curse,i did a shield from magick spell from the same book.The book mentioned it will shield me from all kind of magick whether good or bad doesn’t matter.It was very simple,all i had to do was look at a sigil and say some magick words.Then i tried doing a spell from another one of his book to banish the entity.The entity weakened a bit at first but came back to its usual form.I couldn’t understand at first then i figured the shield from magick was probably not letting ANY magick to work on me whether it was by me or someone else.I got a reading done to confirm my doubts.Its worth mentioning though that the entity messes with my readings from any form of divination.But since i did the freeze a curse spell the readings are coming on more accurate though the entity still mess with them a bit,or so i doubt.Sorry its too long