Someone with bad energy/Jinx

So this girl came to me home yesterday. We know each other for some time, but I always felt weird about her. I practice black magic and I’m very sensible to energies.
I asked her what she thinks about witchcraft one day, she didn’t tell me that much, but she knows something about gipsy witchcraft.
I always felt she had a bad energy on her, I always feel drained or sad after I spend time with her. Also, she is very apatheic, like she don’t have too much life in her.
But yesterday, when we met, I felt something weird. I was very awake when she came, but later, I was very sleepy and lifeless. Got a stuffy nose too. And I started to slutter words (I slutter when I’m very agitated and anxious). I didn’t realise something is wrong until she left, and my dog became agitated too. My mom said also she couldn’t sleep. I burnt some sage all over the house and chanted some mantras to remove bad energy and evil eye. I felt better, but I had a restless sleep and now I’m very tired. What is going on?

She’s either energetically flooding out negativity or somethings attached to her doing the same affecting everything within range

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She is siphoning your energy she’s an experienced energy vampire or just has toxic traits

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