Ladiloc's Sigil

Does anyone have Ladiloc’s Sigil and would be willing to share ? Thanks

Can you introduce yourself please on the Introduction thread - it’s sort of a prerequisite for everyone so we know who we’re all dealing with and what your interests are. You’ll find more people respond once you’ve done that.


You will find Ladilok’s sigil in EA’s book Kingdoms of Flame. i’m not sure if it can be posted to the forum since BALG does sell the grimoire as an ebook. @Lady_Eva?


A question - apologies to OP if I’m stealing the thread - can Ladilok be evoked by women to work on a man? I was of the understanding that she doesn’t think very highly of women and is inclined to assist men in acquiring women for relationships but not necessarily the other way around?

Has anyone female had success with her bringing a desired man to the summoner?

Thanks in advance.

As far as my understanding goes, she is specific for men wanting women. I don’t know if she would work for a lesbian, but the grimoire specifically states that she “ensnares the thoughts and deepest feelings” of women, so my opinion is, no, she would not work against a man,

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I’m actually not sure of the definitive answer here, because unlike most seals it’s not widely available elsewhere. Pls bear with me and I’ll find out. :thumbsup:


Thank you very much. I appreciate it !!!

Hi, I would be interested in this as well, I want to summon Ladilock, I know I could buy the kof download for usd99, but I’m only interested at the moment in Ladilock and dont want to spend that money just to interact with one demon.

Hi there any news on this please

Haven’t heard anything new yet. Found sigil by google and also how to summon. This demon seems to require a lot of sweet talking to get her to do anything for you. She is also as ficle as the females she loves to ensnare.

What site did you get the info of please

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@Lady_Eva confirmed permission so here is the sigil taken directly from KoF:


Thank You @Lady_Eva